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John and ken show john kobylt and ken chiampou kfi am six forty it'll be coming your way quick this week especially we got a holiday week people may have taken this week off i can't yeah they have this oh yeah the traffic on thursday was colossally bad trying to get away yeah yeah no i i think friday was supposed to be the busiest travel weekend of travel day of the year according to the tsa so what if they want to fourth they're taking a whole week off i guess they are yes yeah and they're starting it on the thursday and friday yeah because wednesday kinda screwed people over with the fourth of july some people just probably scheduled vacation around yet people don't work two days and then work another day they just took the whole week but we're doing that right well because we're here to serve very i see that you have your little waiter uniform i ready i'm here to serve napkin around your arm rear to serve would you like some drinks debbie i would love a drink scotto in there just to pick something it's you notice that nothing normal segma scotto what's okay can i just ask you what is abnormal about scotto because it's some weird sin we'd rally tastes like he wanted to st your average person you're gonna say chardonnay shore mosquito has to be different like everybody else is so boring that'd be fun for a day probably tastes like hawaiian punch mosquito actually tastes better is that the stuff you build that was percent go right oh yeah i've had yes yes yes yes that's my other one right you can get loaded on the scotto fine well if you're loaded you want to call the moist line it's one eight one eight five moist.

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