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Go up It's Stephanie Miller dot com But yeah I just am out of like what's his name Djokovic bye bye Good Get out He's out for three years of just can't get back into Australia good I mean and the French Open the Frances said you're not even getting in here if you're not vaccinated for the French Open Yeah So it's like it's like dude what the hell Listen Travis this may be the most depressing article you've ever sent me Expect more worrisome COVID variants after Roma cron scientists say it's depressing I mean these anti vaxxers and worldwide including Djokovic so that have put us in that this is just going to get worse and worse and there's going to be more variants and it is profoundly depressing And the fact like I say that all the media is blaming Biden is just okay I don't even know what to say anymore But the thing is that other countries in the UK for instance where there is a such a high percentage of people who are fully vaccinated Right That they are coming out of Omaha did things get very close to really bad Yes but they were able to write it out without going into entire crisis mode like some of the hospitals here are having to do in areas where there's low vaccination rates My home state Louisiana at 50% 50% This is what all the doctors are saying is coming next is this brutal wave is going to hit rural areas It hasn't hit there yet but they have literally zero ICU beds in all these red counties available now And they have vaccination rates as you say less than 50% and the omicron wave is coming and hasn't hit them yet What do you think is going to happen More disaster You brought something up maybe Oh I was thinking why my best friend lives in Australia Well why they're so ripped pissed A Djokovic is because the restrictions they've been living under they're about the same size as Florida I was reading someone did the statistics floors a little bit bigger but they've had 2700 deaths Florida has 63,000 because of Ron DeSantis leadership Australia has tried to take this really seriously So of course they're like who's this idiot And not just trying to sneak in But lying about it and exposing reporters and children And let's not leave out the number of right wingers in this country that all of a sudden it's fine for somebody for somebody coming into the country to break the laws I guess I guess that you know when you're white and from Serbia that's okay And a sports car Not okay You're right If you're crossing the border here in the United States I mean and the Australians almost I mean it is overwhelmingly They overwhelmingly approve of not letting Djokovic in Yeah I mean I mean it actually one reason they think the government did it is because the government was suffering some pretty bad popularity ratings And they thought this would boost them because the public was so heavily behind No don't let this MFR in Right Yeah absolutely And you retweeted someone that said people ask me how many boosters are you willing to take Like it's a gotcha How about three in a pandemic and then once a year is a booster Hello where the species whose existence has been defined by a struggle against infectious diseases and now free boosters are the problem and you just said you can boost me as often as you like Keep them coming Just penetrate me Penetrate me over and over as long time Stick it on Stick it in Just keep it coming I can take them all Stick it in Rude pundit is prone Please My Friends Stick it in Stick it in Okay Also thank you for trolling senator Marshall Blackburn on Twitter who said critical race theory has no place in our schools We should be bringing folks together in students should be taught to be independent thinkers and you said what if a student thinking independently decides critical race theory is entirely valid blew your tiny mind Blackburn And also speaking of the truth coming out now we're seeing that schools are just banning books by black also Morrison Well not even books that are have anything even remotely to do with critical race theory but because they talk about the real lives of black people Yes it gives white people Maya Angelou is being put on the quarter and I know why the caged bird sings still gets banned Yep Because of its content Hi Bruh pundit I needed just your level of rudeness I'm going to yell your name out when I'm with airfall or in a few minutes Okay I appreciate that You know Eric and I do have a kind of friendly antagonism going Actually you know what I've said this before The truth about Eric bullard is Eric bullard's one of the people that made me get into doing this kind of writing is.

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