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He's like, you know, we're like, no, you wouldn't. He's like, you don't know who you're talking to. I don't. Every day Luke Walton goes to work yet, right? You go to work. He goes to work and he plays basketball and he practices against Kobe Bryant. Now, unless your Kobe and you're the guy replying on the blog and do it right. No, Luke Walton be drunk high stone. All of it will destroy you. People don't understand how good, right? You have to be to get to the level of being not like the guys feel bad for football players. These guys like there's like, we go to yoga Europe year Ryan Hollins and you can't go play baseball. Maybe you can find real plan. Japan, go playing career. The Helsinki play football, like you're, you're three hundred something pound guy. You're in the top zero zero zero point, one percent of what you do and you have no ability to make that useful. Well, you know what? It you're done thanksgiving thanksgiving. But you know what a story like circulating around NFL circles was at this past weekend, a Pittsburgh Steeler fan. He dressed up uniform and it was like, I'm about to go check in Tokyo Brown. I'm literally got into the stretch line. It was about to practice with the Pittsburgh knew he was in full uniform. That he had a number forty, three jersey Gupta picture picture. Hey, look like the worst. Create a player ever seen. Like he looked rise in. He came out in full Paso who has full pet sitting. You don't arrest. We'll put the helmet on. He was like, I'm around his business really say to that guy kudos to usurp for the effort. Ankles is what he's about to say, hi, we didn't get to this story. Jalen Ramsey taking issues with reporters, filming practice. Oh, who's in the right here?.

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