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Yeah say that now my girl whatever right so course she's seen the movies in hit and miss you know what i'm saying like if i'm watching at home she might catch she drives me crazy with this we get an affinity war from the top of the movie who's who's there why are you saying well what does that i'm like i say bait ten is not a movie buying you are movies this war is ten years in the making you are not going to question to this been watching what but i will say this when we left the movie he was like i'm not sure how to get to this point but that was a good movie that was a really good movie so my lady ain't seen all of them but she should have seen a few of them but she liked it sounds stuff she no i need laurels while we before we move on i need little's to watch game of thrones so he can give us breakdown no little have another year to catch up so well don't do it it's looking like the end of this year twenty nineteen i go but i was some yesterday it was sending almost finish special effects and stuff they might be true true kalisa wash walk in day star wars movie i'll really think she just says she finished her parts in the finale even she don't know what's going to happen and she was game i and the reason why i'm saying is a people out dane podcasts were is i have found the reason why little's is i review because little is pretty good at what he does.

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