Eller, Chris Burke And Hawaii Forest discussed on America's Morning News


Volunteer. Rescuers found a hiker more than two weeks after she disappeared in Hawaii forest described their elation and relief after spotting her near a waterfall in deep vegetation, Povey air ops, Chris Burke, west, and Troy Hellmers said on Monday that they saw Eller from a helicopter Friday. Seventeen days after the thirty five year old physical, therapists, and yoga instructor went for a hike on a Maui trail. They recall their harrowing rescue mission to NBC's today, I think a lot of hurts. With who she is her experience force itself, her knowledge of the vegetation, but in reality her physical therapy, you know her into human anatomy, her injuries. She was able to treat them and treat herself pretty much be able to assess her situation in the field and be able to move forward with those injures Chris, what do you say the most important decision? He made was the capterra lot deciding that she wanted to stay alive in the body can do a lot. But the, the will and spirit can do a lot more. And she was definitely out there long enough

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