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The wealthy and the well connected have enough representatives in the Senate. It's about time ordinary people. Unquote Matty representative in the United States, he faces Republican Kelly Laughlin. America is listening to Fox News on you are listening to KOGO News. I'm Phil Farrar. Ah Judge expected to issue a written ruling on Monday on a request from four San Diego County business is seeking to resume indoor operations for following the county's recent slide into the restrictive purple tier of the states. Coronavirus re opening plan. Former state legislator Joel Anderson leads power a mayor Steve Boss by 284 votes as of today in the race for the second District seat on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors just how close The numbers 50.5% to 49.95% 7500 ballots yet to be counted. Jesse Love picking up the win here in Colorado national. He may be too young to drive legally, but Jesse Love just made NASCAR history. The 15 year old Menlo Park native wins the 2020 Arkham Menard, Syria's West championship. It is one of NASCAR's top developmental circuits. Coco's updated San Diego Whether we'll see sunshine with mid sixties low seventies out East Upper seventies we've already seen an 80 in Valley Center right now, downtown. It is 66 degrees unfilled for our stay connected, Stay informed on San Diego's breaking news station. News Radio 600 Coco Good afternoon from the helpful San Diego Honda Dealers. Traffic Center accident was state admissions center Pretty much clear. It's not a blames accident North five Santa Fe Drive. Also out of lanes. You're still slow from Birmingham North five, a bit busy and city it is to look Hasta this sponsored by Valley View Casino and Hotel. Now, when you joined the player's club at Valley View, Casino.

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