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On t shirts. You'll see what time it came down to a nail biter between Vince Russo Sherri Martel. And of course tons of controversy stirred up anytime you talk about through so his fan base mobilized and things were said and became a whole thing online and I said God damn. Don't blame me. I voted for Sherry. We've made it a shirt and now all these years later we're finally getting to talk about the late. Great Sherri Martel. I'm excited in this one. We should mention the reason we were planning on covering this one. Last week I was last Saturday. Was her birthday. She was born February. Eighth Nineteen fifty eight New Orleans and her and her mom started going to Gulf coast championship wrestling around nineteen seventy two and she just very quickly fell in love with the sport and decided she wanted to be a wrestler when she was sixteen she met. Grizzly. Smith the father of Jake Roberts Sam Houston and Rockin Robin and sure. He asked him to get her in the business and he told her to come back when she was twenty one and she ended up going home to join the circus. She's living in Memphis. Nineteen seventy eight or hand a local bar where the wrestler name. Sweet Daddy Lions and. He's turned a wrestling school. Ran By butch Monroe and she said that she went to see Bush and his office with five hundred dollars and told him she wanted to be a wrestler and she says he got up from his desk walked over to her and slapped her across the face she said is that all you've got and signed her up and she's in school for about a year and a half So an interesting way to get in the business. She talked to you about going to wrestling school. In this crazy I experience you know. Share it talk to you about her early days because Sherry was one of those talent that it truly had a passion. There it wasn't about. I WanNa be a star or I want to travel the world and make millions and millions of dollars it was about. She loved the essence of the business and she wanted to be a part of it and I think she was willing you know even before she realized what it was going to take she was willing to pay the price and she was willing to do whatever it took to get into the business so she was tough anyway and somebody slapping her shares would gonNA DETER. But she just wanted she just wanted to be in and around rustling in to get in the ring and become a wrestler that was her drain. That that's what it boils down to. It wasn't about really anything else so she she wanted to fight. She was tough and she wanted to prove anybody the cross her path. By God's she wasn't going to be denied talk to me a little bit about wrestling schools. These days wrestling schools feel and look a lot different. You know from from a you guys perspective there's Inex- T and you guys take. You know someone with absolutely no wrestling experience and Polish them up and teach them the WWF am and bona fide superstars. But that wasn't always the way to go in. There wasn't a wwe school back. In this era you had to go through more traditional sort of old school wrestling school in the late seventies early eighties. What did that look like? Oh God there were. There were no traditional wrestling schools so to speak there would be guys from time to time. That would have a gym in a barn or a gym in a in a ring in a garage. Jim In a barn a ring and a garage barn somewhere or even in their backyard that they would charge people to come in and the extent of the school. A lot of times was. Let me blow these people up and let me put them through these ungodly cardio drills and training drills so that they never ever. WanNa come back again You know refund Not Available No refund deposit not refunded so in the day. The wrestling school was nothing. Like what we have today. And you know Jay. Pwa Jacobs Pritchard Wrestling Academy in Knoxville. Tennessee is an actual wrestling school. Where they teach you everything and they teach you the fundamentals of the wrestling business and they teach you how to conduct business. Not just get in the ring and take bumps and a cup. Here's a couple of moves kid. Get on your way so there were a lot of commerce or a lot of guys you know there were for example. When we were kids went Nick Kovacs Record Company and in the garage of the wrecker service. There was a ring set up in the corner. One two sides wall one side was Placed actually get into the ring and the fourth side was actually were. They change the oil for the tow trucks. So if you took a bump on that side it was pretty damn big bomb We were fortunate enough to have knit. Take Liking to us and allow us to go in there and trained and that's where. Tom got the majority of his training. So I think Sherry was just looking for anything and for women in particular during those years. No no guy wanted to train a woman be wrestler few onto that. I you know aggo fine. Go some broad teach you but they would take their money for sure. And that's certainly not going to happen. You know with Jay. Pwa THEY'RE NOT GONNA take profited from an slap across the face. Tell everybody how they could go train with doctor. Tom and Glenn Jacobs well check them out online. Jp W A WRESTLING DOT com. And it's going to be trained by the same guy that trained the rock. You're going to be trained by the same guy that trained Kurt Angle Mark Henry. Vince McMahon the list on and on and on of the amount of talent that Tom Prichard my brother. Yes I am. Partial his trained and brought up through the ranks and he for many years. Would I yeah? But you know they had it. I'm like yeah. They had it but they didn't know what to do with it until they got to him. And that's what you want a new training facility and in my opinion Jay. Pwa Knoxville Tennessee is the premier wrestling academy. And then there's also you know reality arrested in Texas City Texas Booker T. Runs those two. I'm not disparaging anyone else those two. I've actually been to and spend a lot of time around in no that they teach the fundamentals and they teach you what to do. Not just what to do but why you do it and they actually teach you how to feel which is very important in this business. It's worth mentioning that You know there's tons of great schools out there but these are to that that you can personally endorse That you feel good about recommending so if you're listening to this show and you'd like to pursue your dream the same way Sherri Martel dead. Be SURE TO CHECK OUT J. P. W. A. I mean Dr. Tom and Glenn Jacobs King come on We should mention when Cherries Twenty one. She meets up again with Drizzly Smith and winds up calling Moolah as you said was Trained in the broads and then sharing winds up moving to Columbia South Carolina to go to wrestling school. She's there for about six months and she's trained by Moolah and Donna Christon Elo. She's training every morning. And then they take a break and then they'd work every evening and she says during training Moolah had her work mostly as a baby face oh Sherry learned how to take moves but also give some as well and our training consisted of mostly taking bumps which is obviously very critical. Part when you're young person learning The BIZ and. She says the best advice mule ever gave her was to save money and stay away from the boys. Don't go out with the boys. Don't date the boys and keep your private life away from the wrestling business a lot to unpack here. But how important do you think that advice is too young person getting in the business today to keep your private life away from the wrestling business extremely important? Here's here's the catch. Twenty two to that when you are in the business The people that you travel with become your family. And that's when you're in a different city every night. You're you mean new people and but you move it on the constants in your line for those you travel with and work with so it's Kinda difficult to not dabble in that. Like if you will because that's what you're around all the time however if you can separate You need to separate and I do think that that's the best advice I could ever give. Anyone is yes. I agree with that one hundred percent and save your money in his not GonNa last forever and that was the old timers man. The old timers that made it and saved it. That was their first bit of advice. I don't care if you make you only make fifteen dollars a night lease put five of away well and some of that. You probably speak from personal experience. Where your first round? W W you probably assumed this shit will never end you know plans change POW and obviously your store has a different happy ending. But that's not always the case for a lot of folks right now and you think that you're making so much money that it's never going to end and I'll get around to putting some way but I'm making so much it really matter it becomes it becomes like monopoly money and you just think okay well. That's the trains. Never GonNA stop. Never GonNa keep right on going and then when it does. It's a very rude awakening to go from tens of thousands of dollars a week to nothing so that that's why you want to just take the majority of that tens of thousands of dollars a week and put it away speak to Moolah as a trainer you know we've talked about Moolah here on the show She obviously you know as a as a lightning rod for controversy depending on. He asked some absolutely loved her somehow. Two different experience But as a trainer someone who could observe the talent and work with the ladies that she actually trained with or she trained What was her reputation? You know from from your perspective as a trainer tough tough and even talking to Sherry. Remember Sheri's memories of Moolah were tough and the model used to beat the shit out of her. It was to toughen her up and it was to prepare her for life on the road and for sometimes going out not knowing what to expect but Moolah would try to prepare them for any and every obstacle that could come come. Their Way Sherry was was tough. Moolah was tougher and Moolah was very hard on those that were training with her that she fell had potential to actually make it and make it to the same type of spot that Moolah hit enjoyed all those years so the better you were the more the harder Moolah was on you. An accident eighty one that with since Sherry on a tour of Japan and she also takes the name Sherri Martel and when she comes back from Japan she goes to work in Memphis and that's where she begins wrestling with Jim Cornell as her manager and I think Sherry may have actually been one of the first wrestlers maybe first wrestler that that Cornell ever actually managed so nice. Little footnote in history When did you first see Sherri Martel? When did you first meet Sherri Martel? I didn't meet Sherry until the the mid eighties coming through. And I think she'd come through during The watts time and mid south for a run and I met her a few times. There and Sherry was one of those that got on the radar..

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