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Twenty sentence when I set out news of the day ready yeah a lawyer who gained fame by representing porn star stormy Daniels in lawsuits against president trump has been convicted of trying to extort Nike it would have been parity at that point we've been following of course the corona virus story a United Airlines flight from San Francisco was placed on lockdown after it landed in London today passengers on board complained about having corona virus symptoms passengers were told by the captain to stay in their seats because someone might have the contagious infection which I did you know it's got a another name now it goes instead of covert nineteen or corona virus or Novell corona virus your pangolin flu it's the thing that's going to wipe us all out it's called sars C. O. V. dash to why do we keep renaming won't just cold coronavirus and be done with that I know it's it's a general term but I think everybody is so comfortable using it thirteen hundred and eighty deaths among sixty four thousand cases in China Iowa Democratic Party officials are hiring two high profile lawyers to figure out what happened on the **** as chaos front they're gonna dig into how they screwed up did you see that the guys quit too the the state yep party director quit yeah he had twelve they said well listen it's Valentine's day and for those of us who have somebody to share Valentine's day with maybe movies is the way the all share with yourself you can do whatever you want coming to us from the hot tub where he always reside sometimes it's sometimes it's shorts sometimes sit you know trunks sometimes it's other beach where that chasing Nathanson don's it's nice out today beautiful draws women's pants are no pants okay so I'm I'm turning up in here it's it's been awhile sorry but yet we're going we're going the pants today because it's it's a nice day the weather is changing Hey did you see all that talk about Jim Carrey and his sonic the hedgehog interview with the bucket list thing I did write a eat it I mean it depends were all very sensitive now about what happens it in these interviews and how people especially celebrities are talking to women and if you take what he said in one way she asked him because there's a in the movie there's a thing about we what's on your bucket list so she asks you know question about what's on your bucket list what do you have left to do and he replies you and if you take it the wrong way it could be seen like she's saying that she wants to do and that's that's what's on his bucket list but also if you look at it another way he could be meeting the interview with you that's all that's left on my bucket list needs being kinda charming at least that's what his publicist said that he meant but everybody's a little sensitive right now they'll be looking at things it with different eye glasses in and seeing you know our people being smarmy in in weird and sexual or are they just trying to be you know flirty and charming is it was sonic the hedgehog worth a full press tour yeah well I mean any movie is because when you invested you know millions and millions tens of millions hundreds of millions of dollars in a movie you got to get the word out there and you know Jim Carey is a is a guy that generates headlines a lot of the time so you want your stars to be interviewed for the movie and and get stuff out there the movie itself you know it's had some problems of course when the first trailer was revealed and sonic had very human like peace and people were very freaked out by it and the reduced studio paramount responded and said we've got a change some stuff so they took they took some time to go back to the special effects in the change the teeth and cutting his lanky long look in the they put his eyes closer together to make them a little more cartoon liking and cuter and it looks like it might it might have worked the because it's going to top the box office this weekend it could head towards fifty million dollars it had three million dollars in previews last night which is a decent but the movie itself eight great I mean I don't know I I've played sonic the hedgehog when I was a kid on the Sega and I enjoyed it I don't know that I need a movie and Jim Carey I mean two camps of him I like the Truman show Jim Carrey I like eternal sunshine of the spotless mind Jim Carey I don't like over the top ace Ventura Jim Carey and this is very very much over the top Jim Carrey plays the evil Dr Robotnik in here and he is a lot to handle this with there have been a bad reviews I've seen for this will Ferrell Julia Julia Louis Dreyfus says situation of marriage comedy called down hill yes arable reviews I've seen them in some okay reviews and then some terrible reviews basin yeah mostly getting mixed reviews it's weird because this is a it's a it's a comedy with will Ferrell usually that's a big opening you know you get you'd make a lot of money and Julia Louis Dreyfus as well to fantastic comic actors but it's not getting great reviews it's a remake of a two thousand fourteen Swedish black comedy and it's basically this family and they go to take on a ski vacation in the Alps and there's an avalanche and during the idle and this is all in the trailers are not giving anything away really there in the in during the avalanche the the snow is coming down and will Ferrell's character instead of saving his family in shepherding them to safety he grabs his phone and and takes off and that kind of turns into you know is this marriage are we compatible is it working out and it goes from there it's it's it's a dark comedy it's rated all our and it's not gonna make a lot of money this we can look at maybe four million dollars or the or the estimates and that's that's a really low bank that's only four million more than you're gonna make this weekend fantasy I fantasy island really have to talk about it looks horrible the bloom house people put together some very questionable movies but the photograph that looks good that that's if you're into you know love and say that's the most Valentine's the day style movie isn't it all right yeah if you're looking for something to take the loved one to photographs would probably be the best of all the options either raise stars in that she's from in secure on HBO she's the creator and star of that she's a fantastic voice in the industry right now very funny and up and coming stars against l'equipe Stanfield who is also one of those kind of up and coming a very popular actors you got Chelsea Peretti in here a little raw power he and Courtney B. Vance leave a great cast and this also getting very good reviews probably gonna make around fifteen million or so this weekend same is around fantasy island and and fantasy island you're right I mean they didn't preview it for critics so there were no reviews before that and they also strangely didn't have Thursday night previews is usually you know movies open on Friday but you can go Thursday night and with a horror movie they didn't have that either so that tells me that they're scared of it but we'll see what happens this week well remember keep the water bubbly and the speed out of your peach crease J. ABS wall but what if I like it might be true I don't yeah well like just recorded thanks a Saturday no I I left some I looked him dead air on the end of that.

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