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The road to you I'm right here with you I'm doing fine all rights yes the debate continues well known what is the fish sandwich hole because it's comes up for the same every year that you know them locally Mr going to benefit the fit filet a fish sandwich from McDonald's yes there was a final question on jeopardy the other day it was it's back and because of the snow because he said in an interview years ago that fresh is not a fish sandwich that was taken but around town and he thought that was the what the way to go in so whenever somebody says that he invented the fish sandwich which wasn't the question the question was what's the name of the sandwich that was invented and it was the filet of fish yes well that's true but now fridges steps up and does not know he invented he admitted in an interview he was inspired by the fridges fish sandwich to which I say what are the chances Mister Frisch never had before he started the restaurant never had heard of a piece of fish on bread somebody else invented the fish sandwich huh I'm saying for the fish sandwich is as old as bread whatever the inventor bread because of truly caught fish long before the advent of bread so the debate continues and it's back in the paper today this is big yeah is there a fish sandwich war brewing is the question well first century readings of excel yeah but still the question on jeopardy is an accurate question unanswered now this sandwich was invented so centenarians would eat Cincinnati Catholic Cincinnati application of animals would eat at McDonald's on a Friday right and the answer was fully fit so that's accurate yeah all three you got it and I did not know when I was researching this as I research reactors you always do that that fishes tartar sauce they use when selling that in a jar since nineteen sixty really there yeah their own charter since nineteen sixty huh so you don't have to go to Vietnam has for extra that could save all the little packs yeah no I was we always have a job for him we do two orders of service ten some last night him and so did I come to think yep see the economy like Kroger fish in a bag you can't beat that yeah yeah I'll try that all right what is second reading was up from the sea help traffic center use the help of your nose and throat program at UC Medical Center has been nationally ranked by U. S. news and World Report couple problems early this morning first direct westbound thirty two adult Palma in Clermont county then.

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