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Products Corporation. And Baxter law offices. Fantasy. Stop here. I help you. Yes, will you tell Mr that Miss Black is here? Oh, yes, this black. He's expecting you go, Ryan, thank you. Would you wait out here Matt? What else have I got to do? Give me your revolve, please. WHAT YOU REVOLVER! Why because I ask for it. Don't you trust me with a gun? Perhaps I don't trust. Mr. Arbogast without again. I have definite orders REP CHECK OTAGO ON. You have definite orders from him to take orders from me. Your Gun, please. Don't shoot yourself in the foot. Thank you. Wait here. I. Sit in a small waiting room, fantasy aghast advertising waiting. Typewriter thumbs louder. Against US tumbled crazily. needling perspiration chills my whole buddy. Panic takes charge I stand up. Get out of run for it. If I did that Chris. PK Blouse reached, but gunman stopped shooting. Nonsense? That best girl friend of the bride, wouldn't she would anybody? But I don't try to go out. Thanks for waiting. It's been a joy. Here's your revolver. Ex come on. Making plane reservations to new. York how come the bus. The object is to deceive the see who the FBI. Yeah just for example. Good example, we know they have stool pigeons among us. Yes. Then, why do you ask such stupid questions? I happen to be stupid high one day. I'm a specialist. You'll put that gun in the waiting room. We won't discuss it..

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