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The pool together some of the money and they had the trees by the books as she then took the boats out last june in the middle of the night about four o'clock in the morning and they settle across the channel from the tunnel dongkuk over to england and made it finally they arrived in the uk where they will not be processed as refugees beatrice paid for her action she was actually arrested for people smuggling where she convicted in a decision that has just been announced today tuesday she was convicted but not punished in other words they essentially split the difference legally she could have been eligible for something like a 10year prison sentence under the french slow but the court decided not to find her or to send to jail but nonetheless to declare hook guilty she had clearly khemisset illegal act but the court decided that she had done a shot of good causing a she said should acted out of love and four she was prepared to break the little correspondent vivian is based in paris she's been telling the story of batteries ray thanks of him you're welcome the world is brought to you by pri with help from t i ate a whether it's investing advice banking or retirement t i a is dedicated to helping those who teach he'll and serve others achieve a lifetime of financial wellbeing more at t i a dot org.

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