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Randall finished with twenty six next came back on the kings one of three one a one Mike Breen the call on MSG back to back wins for the first time this year for the next as self pay and came off the bench for sixteen that's a season best Mister Robinson fourteen and nine boards is Mike Miller think this can help with their confidence moving forward well I hope so you know what we're talking we're trying to build something we're trying to build we're trying to build and that's each day we just put put a good day on top of another day and this is this is a good day force it's a good day nat from MSG Miller's now to into his head coach you games on the scoreboard the rockets back to the magic one thirty one oh seven is James harden fifty four he had a ten to fifteen from three six sister decide the pelicans one sixteen one oh nine Laker shouldn't he one thirteen one ten Bron James twenty points nine boards twelve assists Anthony Davis with thirty three Bucks rock the Grizzlies one twenty seven one fourteen pushes their win streak to seventeen Yanis denticle both thirty seven points eleven boards the clippers that's where the T. wolves won twenty four one seventeen as Paul George Kawhi Leonard combined for eighty points that's off of the roof rafters tonight coverage right here on the fan at seven fifteen minutes with a few more dollars in their pocket agreeing to an amended contract with you in a sense but as it stems from injury that he suffered on his ranch last year the system has reportedly having to get back half is twenty nine twenty nine million dollars salary last year and a significant portion of the twenty nine point five million that was doing this year as well meanwhile the giants finally had enough George Jenkins after the Twitter issue earlier this week with one now we get to sport Marone pulled Tino coach Pat Shurmur said the waving a veteran corner ginormous Jenkins over the players insensitive Twitter episode was unanimous I spoke to my understanding.

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