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One of those previously excu excuse students so i think what that what we're seeing here is maybe what's going on at the fbi as well is to get the numbers up to make sure we looked supersafe just ignore this and ignore more and more more and ignore more and i think that at a certain point these cops or the sheriff's deputies there were so used to ignore and behavior that when something went down serious they froze they just froze these guys were no longer law enforcement officers they were just corrupt pieces of crap and this whole thing fits completely with all the open questions as far as i can tell who is this guy again israel no oh disguised melt the last refuge to at the last refuge too australia cost witter yeah oh yeah i'm sure he is they've got tons of documents that corroborate everything's posting is a cop and this i'm telling you the arch irked by this will lead by intake is job so i just push you know tied everything i think this will lead back to debbie wasserman schultz and who knows where that could lead will yes she's up to her but we but we know that that we know as an example we know from an insider the fbi has had sometimes they reinstate it but they have a sixweek cycle we gotta have something happen every six weeks to they lay back on lots of stuff to make something happen usually there's some patsy who they set up with a with a with a with a a button that says impress here to explode this something and then yeo's just two wires in the back their empty in a ninevolt battery noel and the light bulb and they are we caught him we got him who knows who knows how far this type of behaviour reaches and this is what i was talking about with complete abusive children these guys these guys need to be hong.

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