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On you and almost suggesting that this is more us medical issue if you wanna call it that then it is an actual team issue as far as the the soundness of his arm and where he's at physically it's between his ears totally between his ears and again he's entitled to have his feelings everyone's entitled to feel the way they do but when you put your name on one hundred twenty six million dollar contract and you're carrying all this baggage i think you have some responsibility to the team to go okay here's what i'm going to need some help with here's what i'm dealing with and if the cubs are aware of all this and they choose to do that then shame on them or good luck to them they made that decision but i don't believe anybody in that office new to the degree that he was gonna walk away from the sport he'd lost a fire that he's afraid to stand on the top of the dugout step then he might be afraid that the fans at chicago are booming whoa how do you know that the cubs organization wasn't aware of this it seems to me i said if they did that it's on them it seems to me from reading dylan hernandez piece that you darvish is a person that's in touch with how he feels he's just expressing it and i think it would be silly a bus to assume that in those meetings when he met with theo jet in the cubs and all the other teams he met with free agency he didn't express himself from the sound of it and from hearing dylan hernandez on with waddle and silvy yesterday you darvish is a man of respect and a man that's up front and he just calls it like he sees it he's expressing the way he feels and i think it's silly to assume that the cubs were unaware of of the fact that he's emotional i don't think to this degree puts you this way danny if this article by dylan hernandez had come out in the off season during the courtship i do not believe that jed in theo would have signed him well said there's no way that he sat down and went okay i just want you to know i was thinking of retiring i'm really really afraid of what's going talked about retiring again yesterday with jesse and the cubs beat reporters just saying it matter of fact hey i thought when my contract was up i was going to retire you have to remember that you darvish is from japan in in japan high school baseball is the equivalent of major league baseball is the equivalent of the ncaa tournament it's a big deal in japan so you darvish has been pitching basically professional baseball since he's sixteen years old sort of think of when is that he was ready to hang it up because he's been doing it so long is it ridiculous it's not him saying i board baseball baseball it's i've been in the spotlight since i've been six ten years old thing that bothers me when he can't stand on the top of step of the dugout with his teammates because he's afraid with someone eight rose back might yell at him that's a problem danny you gotta be able to when you go on the road a john lester has said to me before dude i love pitching at wrigley but there's nothing like going to saint louis where they're mfn me.

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