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High fashion allnavy talent entered attend ten select silently evacuations ordered ahead of storm nate i'm jackie quinn with an ap news minutes all along the gulf coast emergency managers are warning people to get ready for what's expected to become hurricane neat this weekend it's expected to bring a massive storm surge parts of new orleans are under evacuation alabama's emergency managers warning people to prepare we'll have surged flooding storm wind events in a south and down trees widespread power outages uh with some tornado activity las vegas police say unlike many other mass killer steven paddock didn't leave a note to explain his motives detectives are not talking to prostitutes in las vegas it's believe that he hired one in the days before the shooting security is tight at the austin city limits music festival in texas the chief of police tells k x a end they stepped up their press and highground exists around this event and so that does play in our planning and in our response capabilities i'm jackie quinn australian police have seized a record haul of methamphetamine ingredient smuggled from thailand in t battles the australian federal police say to people were arrested after the bust last month at his sydney sea cargo examination facility they say the liquid ephedrine could have been news to make up to three point five billion australian dollars or two point seven billion us dollars worth of methamphetamine the hall was said to be three point nine eight metric tonnes or four point three seven us tonnes the statement said australian border force officers detected the.

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