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Option on that mercury championship team a lot of that, right? Yes. She was obviously a lot earlier in her career, but yeah, that's a really good point. And yeah, Courtney Williams, as long as you bring her up, I'm just gonna go to one of my next ones, Courtney Williams. Okay, I'm glad I am picker 'cause that was the one I had on the top of my list. So yeah, that was a great segue. So let's do it. I mean, first of all, I share initials in a birthday with Gordon Williams. Second off, I just picked her on my fantasy team last year because she told everyone to, if I forget who tweeted, one of the reporters, sorry, I'm not giving you credit. Talk to Courtney Williams, ask her about fantasy fantasy. She said, I have no clue anything about fantasy, but you also picked me on dead. It wasn't Courtney. But also, I just think, I mean, she was a really big part of that 2019, almost championship team. They were what were they like tied with 5 minutes left and gave 5 with the mystics. They were close. And she was a huge part of that. She's a bucket and now when you look at this team, I mean, yeah, maybe she's going to be coming off the bench. You know, whatever. But that starting lineup that they had that year, they have the whole thing except for chiquita Strickland. But they also have dewana bottoms. So that's an upgrade, obviously. To me, this team is at least as good, probably better than that team that was minutes away from winning the championship. And Courtney Williams is a big reason why bringing her off the bench. I feel like if we look at this team the last couple of years, maybe against the sky even in that series, some of the things that cordy Williams brings almost feel like maybe what was the missing piece that maybe could have put them over the top. That energy in that swag and that disability, whether it's off the bench or just at the guard spot rather than a big to just give the ball and go get a bucket. And so I think I love that the sun brought her back. I think this is where she belongs. And to me, I know we're not making where this is all about intriguing players, but my championship pick is the sun and that's a big reason why. I like that. I think so two things. So one thing you brought up that was just thinking about, I was like, so she can instruct them obviously changing she can't strictly for dewana bonner. Is a step up in talent. That's a hell of a fit when you had Strickland there at the three four and it depends on what was happening. But when she was when she was playing the three there and you have Williams at the two and then you made a lot of sense. The reason why I think that 2019 sun team made it to the championship is because they fit so well. It wasn't necessarily just because the talent level, it was because they fit perfectly altogether. And this team, that's why I say dewan bonner there. And Courtney Williams is in the same category as like, does it all fit now again? Can they make that fit work? Because to want to monitor and stand in the corner waiting for threes. That's not her game. You know who else ain't doing that? Courtney Williams. Is not weighed on the three point line to get to get threes. She'll get to wait to get the ball and then she'll do whatever she wants with it. So now, okay, is John called Jones going to kind of like, who's the spacer? John quall could be a space or do you want her to be a spaceship? I mean, unless Thomas is not going to shoot, that's not happening. Alyssa Thomas is going to do exactly what she does. I mean there's little intrigue that she can do exactly what she does. So how do those players fit around her? Also, while we're here, is there any chance this year? Then nea cloud and takes a little bit of Courtney Williams minutes. Because I think you want to know someone who can stand on the three point line and shoot threes. Nia clone, she's a rookie. You can tell her whatever you could tell her whatever you want. She had three threes, I think, in their pre season game. Obviously, this is coming from the captain of the neo cloud and fan base. This is why I'm.

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