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Just feel the testosterone in the Rome. All right Jason. What's the top story for you? I want to talk about Venezuela, socialism and gun control. In the fact that I miss NBC loves the second amendment. All right. Wait. I'm sorry. You said MSNBC Muslim she loves the second amendment. All right. Justin wanna talk about socialism in Venezuela. Which is now collapsing has been collapsing for a while. But we're on the verge of something big happening in Venezuela. Right. Aaron and I want to talk about. Kirsten gillibrand trying to use taxpayer money to funnel cash to campaigns to save her own campaign, which is not doing so. Well, gosh. Wow. What a giant Mesler n lot to get into. But I wanna thank our sponsor American financing. So I love working here at the blaze because I hear stories like Glenn actually was approached by American financing a long time ago before the crash, and he said, no, I don't believe in doing business with institutions like yours, and this whole big thing is going to spiral out of control. And I'm going to distance myself from all of you and come back to me after all of all of that happens and American financing said all right? We respect that. And they actually did end up coming back to him. And they said, actually, we're fine. We were not giving out loans that we shouldn't be giving out and we do business the right way. So we're still here, and we're still doing great. And it was at that point better. Glenn finally. Okay. Now, I trust you. We don't do business with people that we don't trust. And the folks at American financing. They're they're good people. They're in it to help you. They're not commission based which is huge in that industry. They're not looking for, you know, the the kickbacks from the banking companies. They are there. They are salary based. They're just there to help you you can go to American financing dot net or you can call eight hundred nine zero six two four four zero. If you are looking to buy sell you need alone American financing dot net..

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