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Of the year shows up I'm not expecting a lot of baskets and I was seeing a lot of bass is going into who Lebron was definitely eating them up, so, but but that's an argument out there. There's some people will say. Go bare right, but again I go Anthony Davis I'm biased, but it makes sense just seeing what he's done. He's one game this year with his defense especially in the clutch. He really so you look at what they gave up. Brandon Ingram is going to be really good right I mean he's and he's got an even better this year. He's going to be great. Is he going to be is ever going to hit Anthony? Davis low. Probably not. That's a super high bar. Right Lonzo Ball I like Lonzo ball I still like him. He's never going to be Anthony Davis level most likely the of them becoming that level inaugurate Josh Heart is a great role player. I would love to have Josh Heart on this team, but in the end I felt like in the moment when the trade went down I was glad to see okay. It's official eight years Laker. At, the time though I remember thinking cash. That's what it is. They gave up a lot and you can see why. It's paid off this year. Their first place in the western conference. It finally feels like Lakers does. It doesn't don't get me wrong. I'm glad they did it. But my hope when the tree broke had been that they would have kept one of three things one of four things. I want to see them either. Keep the number four pig. Keep. Brandon Ingram. Keep Lonzo or keep the pair of Kacoos Mandra Chartres, I wanted to keep one of those four things because I thought the Lakers had some leverage because Boston was out anthony. Davis said he would resign there right. All of these other teams that he wasn't. GonNa go. There was no better offer to than the Lakers, and so my hope was that they will come with a little bit better deal that would leave them with one or two more assets I was actually cool. With Lonzo Ball and cal coups Mustang and everything else going because I knew the avenue that you're giving up. It had to be a lot just because there were teams like he had Boston..

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