Biron, Chad, Iran discussed on Daily Racing Form - DRF Players' Podcast - Show 273 - October 3rd, 2017


Think voting control was was was probably was probably best guy said if they ran back i'll add to law would take um i thought the ride it wasn't just that were trying to world but it it definitely was was som was in trouble you know he kinda got kind of got pinch back early and that he was fana sleeping i thought he basically got biron did a break i mean iran it was so good loses all position boating control um i i thought it was always a really rough trip yeah i i i expected voting control to win like the filly did on sunday which i'm sure we'll get to and uh and you know it happens but i mean but here's the thing is is you know show the old with the only other horse that i thought you know you really needed i was a little bit fearful evaluator i gave evaluator as kind of a of a b type um on out of the gate um just 'cause i you know there's some for it was due was 10 of one's there's nothing wrong with addi intend to one but i thought the those two out of over hata had it all to themselves yeah i was glad to see shoko i like so much in the flesh at saratoga to see uh to see him living up to some of that potential he he showed visit thickly we just that just the paddock stand out in boats starts up there and my my humble opinion ends up getting a seventy five by your speed figure for the race is voting control you like voting control better than show going forward it sounds like do you think he is a serious contender for the breeder's cup juvenile turf yeah yeah knowledge that voting control i mean i you know depending on who else shows up in there but it you know from this rate give me one horse out of this race the bed into breeder's cup i'm gonna take chad emboldened.

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