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A warmer day today on tap sunny skies. We anticipate a high around 42 right now. Chili. Eight degrees Did you hear Friday's tempo 60? How about that? Our top story on Colorado's Morning news on a somber note more than 4000 Mork over deaths in one day, a big spike in the nation's death toll as Colorado's numbers actually decline. We can thank Coloradans for following the protocols if we're able to maintain our current level of transmission control, so social distancing mask wearing The next few months, at least through June 1st. That's really our best way to limit the impact of covert 19 in the state state epidemiologist Dr Rachel Hurley, he says. If we double down on what we've been doing and continue to vaccinate, we could see the end of the pandemic by the summer. A warning to uber and lift riders. You'll need more than the APP to catch a ride these days. K Away News Radio's Chuck Clark with that story on official company statement. April doesn't sugarcoat it when we say no mask, no ride, we mean it. It came to a held up in Breckenridge on Monday night. Driver Mike McMahon has picked up a couple told him they need to put their masks on. When they refused, he told him Well, he's turning the car around. At that point, the guy leaned up from the back seat and kind of wack McManus on the shoulder, and it was all captured on his dash Cam. I looked back and his wife, girlfriend, Whoever she was was trying to hold him back last night would be quite different. I believe she would have been in the car man has told our partners Fox 31 that he eventually returned the passengers to their original pickup location. It's not Mike's rule. It's the company's rule. You have to wear a mask the entire ride Chuck Clark a await his radio. Thank you, Chuck. The T S A says it caught 104 people with guns in their carry on bags at D I h. Last year, the T S a says the ratio of people who packed their heating carry ons. The DEA was just under 10 per million. That was up from six per million to 2019. The increased took place even as the T S A says it's screen 45% fewer travelers in 2020 than it did the year before firearms can be transported on commercial aircraft. But on Lee if they're unloaded, packed to the hard sided case and placed and checked bank itch, Suri Bell Kaylie News Radio Adams County investigators are looking for two people suspected of shooting. Two others had a dollar general store in the 53rd block it off their 53rd and shared and yesterday morning, police say people walked into the store. One of them a woman made a purchase. The other man turned and shot two customers multiple times as they left. Suspects left the scene in a black BMW Crimestoppers is offering award of $2000 for information. Three people wanted for a variety of crimes over several jurisdictions around the metro area. They were arrested last night in Castle Rock law enforcement from Denver. Lakewood, Castle Rock, Commerce City and Douglas County. All converged on founder's Parkway over Interstate 25 last night to make the arrests. Is temporarily closed the ramp Denver police say the Safe streets task force, which is led by the FBI's involved in the case, all roads in the area have reopened. Joel Hillen K away news radio. Thanks, Joel. In other news this morning, teachers in Chicago are still on strike and in New York City. The union isn't even sure they'll be safe comes upset September stand for medicines, Doctor Ryan Riviera says in person learning seems to be low risk when done properly, But there are things to consider. There are some important caveats. Endorse sports, certain extracurricular activities probably can't be performed safely. And most importantly, it really only holds. If schools they're taking substantial precautions. That means masking social distance seen small groups. There's a study that looked at 17 schools in Wisconsin, where of the 191 Corona virus cases found, seven were traced back to in school spread. Climate going to be the focus for President Biden today as he gets ready to take more executive action. The actions were designed to win the nation from fossil fuels, reduce carbon emissions and clean up communities. Blinded by pollution. President Biden expected to impose a moratorium on all new federal oil and gas leasing, which oil industry groups air, slamming his job killing. The president expected a pledge to protect 30% of public lands and waters by the end of the decade. Federal agencies will also be directed to factor climate change and the regulations and legal cycled settlements. Climate envoy John Kerry has said the administration will treat the crisis as the emergency that it is that this box is Rachel Sutherland. She points on. Many are worried the executive order will cost the country jobs at a time when it can least afford it. Pepsi is teaming up with beyond me to create plant based drinks and snacks. We get the details from Mark Mayfield. Joining forces means beyond convinced it from Pepsi's marketing expertise, and Pepsi can get its foot in the door of plant least foods while also working on its sustainability goals. Together, they form the planet partnership. However, they haven't revealed the products that they hope to serve together, saying the menu is still in development. I Mark Mayfield when I'm right, you're beyond me. I start laughing the name of beyond taste. Plant based Coca Cola. No Pepsi guess 6 37 in Colorado's Morning news, Let's head back outside and give him some time this morning. He needs it. John Morsi. That drive is a bear. It really is. It is awful this morning. We're dealing with not only leftovers from yesterday Storm but now freezing.

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