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All right as we continue with former army, personal Michael Behan a- and his mom Vicky Mehanna and John Richter with us as they have. Now, the president yesterday granting now let me bring in John Richter. You know, John, I do like the innocence project and berry Sheck as actually convinced me unless there's a video of a murderer and somebody getting the death penalty, we've made so many stupid mistakes and some political and some overaggressive prosecutors, I'm not supporting the death penalty, unless we got a video, Sean. Yo I appreciate you posing the question to me, but Vicki is actually the the executive director and Oklahoma. In addition to being Michael's mother. She obviously join this cause after many years as a career federal prosecutor, I've had the honor of representing Michael through this pardon process and serving as as his lawyer in this pardon process, and as a. Former United States attorney and former head of the criminal division. I can tell you personally that the actions of the prosecution in this case violate all decent standards for fair prosecution of defended. And while obviously a pardon process was not here to relitigate the case it nonetheless is an important part of considering whether forgiveness an act of grace like the president is giving Michael inappropriate. I just don't like the fact honestly at all that we now are putting handcuffs on on people. We put in life and death situation. We're sending these guys out to fight wars. Their lives are at risk. We're second guessing what they do. And we're putting handcuffs on them and rules of engagement that are obscene that puts their lives in jeopardy. I mean, you know, when I hear Michael story about, you know, his friends being blown up by. Geez. You know, put yourself in his position. And you this is the guy you believe has the information about where those explosives coming from. I'm sorry. I'm not going to be polite asking the guy that has the answer to that question. So that we can save American lives with. That's not a moment. To be polite. War is a very dark, ugly horrible, but necessary evil, and our guys are the good guys, you know, Al Qaeda killed three thousand Americans in two thousand and one. I mean, this is this is this really pisses me off because we're doing this not just to you, Michael we're doing it to too many people. There's a long laundry list of guys that are in prison for instances like yours. And I don't think it's fair. We're going to ask you to go fight bleed die risk your life. And and many don't come home or many don't come home with legs and arms. I think we ought to be able to put enough faith hope and trust that you're gonna make the right decision and not set. Second guess you. Right. Sorry. Got a little worked up. Well, we appreciate the passion on. I may ask him on. I got to be held when your son is in Leavenworth for five years. Oh, I would not wish that experience on my for. And it was you know, again as as John was saying, I mean, I when he was returning. I was. Assistant United States attorney working in that office. And just never think you're going to have to hire a criminal defense lawyer for your arms. I don't think that's going to happen. When you send it off to combat worry when I sent him off to combat that. Well, we're glad you're home. And I'm sorry. You had to go through this, Michael. And and Vicky of a loving mom, therefore you and family, and I do thank you for serving your country. We owed you better than this though. This is you did not deserve this. This has to stop. And I wish you the best future. Endeavors, and we'll see you on TV tonight. We get to actually see you guys are going to join us and tell your story on television. I can't wait to see you. Okay. He is right. Thank you. Sean eight hundred nine four one Sean toll-free telephone number quick break right back. We'll continue. This report brought to you by Maryland's for it's no change that situation over on the west side still have the crash.

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