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That as you know. Oh it's just like an old Jewish guy wants his money thing that's thing to say right so no answer from Scott. I have no opinion on what's cool to say what's not not cool to say I. It's going to constantly change people listening to this in ten years. We'll be like they shouldn't have talked about any of this. I'm assuming who are you rooting for Joe Rabbits Scott. Hi the girl. The girl hiding in the wall you were the hiding in the wall one. Yeah those were beautiful shoes. Whoever got to whoever tipped shoes off somebody came purloined them? Yeah someone really scored on those shoes. I really so you don't know what happens in the season. You just think it's a wonderful wonderful wonderful season. No no it. Picks up where left off halt has been demoted and. He's having a lot of trouble adjusting to his his new position in the police. Force and wait. Can you say what his new position. Yes I think. He's like a uniformed officer. Oh Yeah went from from captain to demoted all the way down all the way to. That's below you guys guys because you guys donor. Imagine like they're dynamic is completely turned on its head. That's I I mean I. I have not seen that on the show correct because that dynamic has been has stayed the of course throughout six seasons at this point and now for the seventh. You're saying it's turned on its head. Correct wow I would I want to say that it stinks but it's it's actually pretty good. I've watched it was there. But you WANNA say the. WHO's that who the hell? It's been me all along long lamp over there. Nick Kroll the entire time. Ed Krol from MMA. Let's go through your filmography. You got the basketball one others and the two guys. It's such such a pleasure to be back. If feels so good to be bad. You crawl from big mouth taking a little time away from the big mouth writer's writer's room. Am I correct in that assumption. You are deep. You're very correct. Correct News even that correctness. What I was enjoying was Being like how many episodes of Brooklyn nine have you watched got have I watched I. I would say approximately sixty nine of of of ninety of of a current ninety nine. No it's probably at a hundred and forty some around up there. Yeah I I would say the majority. It's yeah the preponderance I would say. Scott texts me and says I saw the episode when this happened and I go. He's really watching. You really is. I believe I. I once texted you shipping you and amy and you said what is that and I explained the concept of shipping to you. Yeah appreciate it all the way every definition from from ups and then I moderated a panel and so I watched that so nick. Yeah unfortunately unfortunately more than big mouth I would say that's fair. Big Mouth Your what two seasons in that have aired or three Three airs there'd there'd three have aired and we're we're deep into. Where would you say balls? Deep deep we are we are way ahead of what is has aired aired already really. Yeah Yeah Yeah. What are you working on writing season five right now? Holy yes so it takes a long time to actually have the this show come out. Yeah why is that Anna like are you drawing everything to draw everything myself. That's why I'm such perfectionist. I understand that I insist on drawing all myself myself. I cannot draw Brooklyn nine nine. Big Mouth Crossover episode. Where like those? I see there's these cop characters on on big mouth all the time committer drawn exactly like me and it's so funny they're a cop characters. We've was a little bit. They're they're cap- characters on big mouth that that do. And when someone pointed out look like Scott and Paul Tomkins in reality they are modeled there modeled after crews and they're yeah they're yeah yeah exactly Dennis Farina and David Caruso and they somehow now exactly like us and people are constantly like. Why are you doing the voices? I guess. WHO's doing the voices mullany? And Neil Casey. Oh man those guys get fucking everything so but I'm saying there are some cop characters are sold. What if there's a little crossing that'd be fun? You know what I mean Farina Caruso I know and get them. Oh Rina's gone to that. His police station up in the sky and Russo. He's also said at the very appreciative. Respectful of you to talk about another way. I didn't now don't. TV COPS stick together. Yes what about real cops. How do you feel about? The show is great. They're bringing that back doc aren't they. Yeah probably they're bringing it all back Malays in it. He's everything he they're bringing back Reno. Yeah they're bringing back they bring back everything the rematch. NYPD blue collar while they tried to shot a pilot today. Yeah with Francis grandson character but yeah everything will come back. I'm sure at some point comedy. Bang Bang get the call and I'll rise the occasion just like Rambo. We need you back. I'm not that guy anymore. The first one beautiful with a real political message the second four next for just killing his killers murdering have you met Stallone Never Have you met stallone. I haven't I do I do him on the show. Yeah I what I would good. You know what I really want to do is I want to do you remember the rocky versus Rambo script that I wrote in Harris whittles roads and cool up and Paul Rust Neil Campbell in my cassidy. We watch all three Rambo movies one day and then we beat out Iraqi versus Rambo Script in fifteen minutes and then we all split up and wrote twenty pages of peace. I remember this And the script is really funny. I would love to do a reading of or man reading well I would love to do it either. I do I love to get stallone and you sure do and there's a video of stallone. Do you want them to do at the update desk. Yes of course if we get the update desk the stallone There's a video on him. I follow me on Instagram. And there's a video of him on instagram. Where he's like he's got Pacino coming into to his house? He's like a great but Pacino's like is not ready to be on camera and he's like dealing with the hair is today they walk into the kitchen. It's Guy Fieri I've seen and it's like two titans just love. It thinks that always. I think he's fine with it to titans pitching heads doncaster. Yeah I've been read nor seen any interviews with Pacino like getting into his head space process like what does he. What does he like all day? Big Yeah Jeans Jeans. I saw him now at a few awards. Things this this run. He has a thin scarf that is constantly lopsided. Sided right that he's trying to fix. What is the purpose of the scarf? Is it to most scarves. Aco To cover the neck. It's not it's too thin. It's just like it's unclear clear. It's he's he's made. He's been rocking for a long time. Since maybe Frankie Jining like with him with depth there becomes a thing with certain actors who are like the more things I where the more. He's peacocking Marcis Peacock. Yes by the way I like that. It's peacock this streaming service is like unreal the never ending. Yeah you're going to go out there hard for peacock. Always you repin peacock this fall companyman is I saw those. Hulu commercials virgils save for Peacock. I'll do whatever it takes. Yeah yeah got to sell them. TIKKI TIKKI them shows. Yeah but what. So so. He's wearing the scarf. And then Pacino and I felt like watching Deniro and him. I don't know if you guys watching this stuff. They've been on the run for all this stuff feel like Deniro just as sort of like leading Pacino. Talk himself out. I think he can barely talk at this point Deniro. Yeah really I think he i. I don't I don't want I don't want to speculate on what's going on with him but I think he's just like I think he's been they've been head to head for so long. I think it's a cycle. I'm GonNa let Pacino GonNa let the genes run with. It sounds better if you could see the face. Cows me because it's good to narrow face yeah but anyway a Pacino. He looks great. And here's what's weird.

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