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The bearded beekeeper tweets. Voting for Socialists is like a cow voting for the butcher. Young. Jimmy dimples tweets I wonder what would happen if they asked Biden dispel the band name ACDC. Abraham Lincoln and the poor boys a tweet Merriam Webster to add respect Ari Spic and respect our ESP CT is legit minute spellings. Just cover for our frail. Yeah. It'll be perfect comrades newbridge tweets I'm sure Biden has a gramophone in his basement till listen to aretha Franklin. Keystone pig I don't think shepherd understands that there is no constitutional authority for the federal government to force everyone to wear a mask. Yeah. He doesn't care. But Russia I know even Russia you're right one hundred countries. Even Russia. Not, the the BASTIAT. Liberty. We've all the love and respect. Really. Yeah we should look into that. Yeah. Because if even rush even Russia's doing Verne Lundquist tweets masks are about as effective as faculty. As a starting pitcher. We'll see got the do have the ear of the president are you in the ear of the president? Blocked him about anything important. Long time now. Okay. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you for that insight and I do appreciate having that insight. It's good to know that he's on the AL standouts. Thank you. It's about time. I'm tired of the Guy I like. Ice Guys. Wonderful. Great. They have great relationship job. Trump is trump is played that He's played that card pretty well I know. I'm ignoring everything says, but he's a good guy. Relationship is fine I talked to problem with him. We talk about what we talk about the Washington nationals from time to time. So we do even mocked. On hold the other day when he called. But only for thirty five minutes this time then I got busy and I couldn't get them but. Yeah I sent somebody. Else's is one of my aides. To hang up on him. Ivanka those fine talk to by the way, the economy grew just bid. Last quarter. record-setting just a bit thirty, three point one percent unless you be positive economy shattered a record thirty three point one percent from July to September. Wow. Now okay. That I mean you need you do need the context of okay. We were way down we don't need contact still, but still you just need to tell your friends look you want the economy is still records vote trump. That's all you I'm okay with that. Juncture yes. Tell them what what what records is the economy setting just grew by thirty three point one percent look at this though this is this is interesting. Fastest pace since the government started keeping records in nineteen, forty seven and followed the historic shrinkage rate. Okay. So it's shrunk. Do you remember much? No, it shrunk or shrank. Or shrinked. Thirty one point, four percent in the second quarter. So how wrong? So still grew thirty one, point zero percent it went back three point one that's why I give you those stories because then you can work out the math I can't quite figure. Almost two percent points. So it didn't really give everything it lost it less coordinating, right? Yeah. Because the article says, but we're still in a deep downturn caused by lockdowns but we're still we meet almost everything and according to this percentage ways we meet up everything in a little bit more which is great. Shut. Up Right. Up Shut up, shut up and re-elect trump if I could just give you the technical lingo that we all can relate to shut up. Okay O'Reilly. Yeah. And and honestly if you do try to discuss. Any kind of story like that with your undecided voter friends, it probably will. Carling. You'll probably will lose their on decided voter. I don't know him if I don't either. This is quite Quite a clear edge serious very. Line right Yeah. If you find one capture them because like a Unicorn. Your basement or so. You can build a museum around somebody hollered downstairs down. An undecided voter down there. On A. Wednesday Wednesday I WANNA see. I built a really nice cage for him. It's really. Nice. About. Recommends Kidnapping. Up again shut by Michelle. Here's some. Here's some real bad news. You really slow down there. Yeah. Well, this Bruce Springsteen says. If Donald Trump wins the election. He's going to move to Australia. He's on the next. So trump lane to Australia. So we've got a golden opportunity. Okay. All right. We can vote him out of the country I. Here we go. Water. Cooler today. Your Co worker and you gotta go. He Uh. An Economy Guy Conversation or let's get Bruce springsteen country guy. Tell you what I'm GonNa. Do this, yeah? Yeah. But springsteen said in an interview with Australia's Daily Telegraph. If trump is reelected, which he will not be I'm predicting right now he's GonNa lose if by some happenstance he should be all. See you on the next plane what's stopping you? Yeah. Don't make the province without full them. Okay. Get Out. Get like who's going to be people in New Jersey are going to be brokenhearted by that Bruce Oh please stay ono if we don't hear your off key voice into banging around in this country I don't know we can make is they still live in New Jersey I think so and then he still has his they've got some new documentary out now that's motivation enough to earning a seat. On. Amazon I think or am I might be Netflix I don't know one of the One of the services has documentary. Sure. Does I think it's apple? Is IT APPLE TO APPLE TV? That sounds very apple. It is I might be ads. I see the PROMOS for it and it makes me ill now. nothing still nothing. The same nothing. I was GONNA play I. I was going to pay before the springsteen announcement. Youtube Joshua Tree has been voted the best album of the nineteen eighties. this story they must have ignored my vote because wouldn't have been. We've. been of the eighties. Access Fan and I did like it exists not the best of the eighties now I'd say. Joshua tree come on Google. Road comes to. DEBAR Jr.. says. He's Actually like them. You're going to have to shoot a little wider with shot. Well I mean he would. You would google. That's pretty far. That's pretty far far..

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