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Time now Tuesday morning January 18th is three 38 welcome to WTP glad you're with us Traffic and weather on the 8s first to rich honor in the double TLP traffic center All right traveling in Maryland again the crash investigation continues on the bellway and Silver Spring on the inner loop approaching 29 calls will vote again They're taking up the right side of the roadway two lanes to left get you by blaze have been briefed but again you're gonna come upon it very rapidly around the blind curve so please watch your speeds on the inlet and Silver Spring outlook not affected all lanes are open The 9 95 and the boulevard Washington Parkway looking good so far getting down to the capitol bellway Parkway was also moving while inside the ballet headed toward the district to 70 south from Frederick Downton Belle also in good shape Again win warnings up on both the bay bridge and the nice Middleton bridge in southern Maryland However no vehicle restrictions on either span and heads up in brandy line at last report from listeners Three O one at the intersection with mchenry road and cedarville road and brandy wine the signals were on flash no police direction please extra care and cost remember a yellow for the U.S. three O one red for Cedar villa mchenry Please be careful Similar situation in the district signals are in flash at canal road in the intersection with chain bridge and the Clare Barton Parkway Again the lights are flashing red in all directions so again extra care and caution when working your way through that intersection Seeing a couple of folks just blow right through it please take it easy out there D that has been notified signal shop should be en route so just keep that in mind Whether you're moving down the street across the country or around the world interstate moving has been delivering quality moves you can trust for over 75 years Visit their website and move interstate dot com rich hundred WTI traffic High temperatures will be in the upper 30s mostly sunny skies today but very breezy with winds gusting upwards of 30 mph Wednesday partly sunny with highs in the upper 40s.

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