Joe Donnelly, Braun, Barack Obama discussed on Tony Katz Today


Who said this about Joe Donnelly when he was running for the in the in the primary and lost by the way to my Braun. He said Joe Donnelly is always with you. When it doesn't matter. Strong line because Joe Donnelly when it comes to the low hanging fruit is always there. You think I'm gonna get upset with the the democratic Senator because he wants to do something about opioids or about veteran suicide rates, of course, not of course, not. But if that is considered working on those subjects is considered some kind of moderate position will then we're all nuts. It's beyond the moderate position. That's the standard position regardless of where you are. If you don't want to work on veterans suicide and be helpful the veterans. Well, then there's something really extremist and crazed about you. So it's not like it's like look at me. I'm bringing people together it is like like the standard. It's the default for humanity. And I've always said good on him. But on the tough stuff. He goes in different direction, not one that I'm okay with on tax cuts, which he said he wasn't a favorite tax cuts because they would explode the deficits a man who sat by under the era of rock. Obama doesn't get to talk to me about deficits if we actually wanted to get into spending conversations and the reduction of spending that'd be great. I'd be thrilled and overjoyed because we need serious spending cuts massive spending cuts. We cannot sustain we.

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