Zion Williamson ruled out for rest of Summer League after suffering minor injury in Pelicans debut

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Welcome to the jump we're coming to you live from beautiful las vegas states three of summer league feels really like day a hundred because regency started it's just this is all we do is sit around and talk about dmv is year round and why are we showing zion coming the show because look who is alongside the future hall of famer vince carter the future hall of famer finals mvp paul pierce be general manager of the new orleans pelicans david griffin thank you so much for being back with us we appreciate it glad to be here all right so he was fantastic on friday especially once he thought he got comfortable right near the basket but he did have that need any contact so let me know how he has been feeling and what you're concerns were when you saw that 'cause they didn't play the second half yeah he's he's fine he came to us he wasn't in great condition and from a cardio perspective it wasn't a great situation to begin with so when he took that shot really it was just from my standpoint it was more cautious than anything else just shut him down at that point because there is no reason to push him when he was in the situation he was in you

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