Sources: Lakers reach deal for Pelicans' Davis


Yesterday on sports air. Here's Adrian wards now ski breaking down. The trade of Anthony Davis to the Lakers. This is a monster. Paul for the New Orleans pelicans to get to starters. Lonzo ball. Brandon Ingram an upstanding young player. Josh heart three, first round picks including the number four overall pick and Thursdays draft which allows the world not only draft Zion Williamson, at one, but number four, get another potential. Very good young player. But for the Lakers. They paid a steep price to get the player they had to get. They were able to keep Kyle Kuzma they had to get Anthony Davis. They weren't at the top of any big free agents lips. But it certainly changes the dynamic of that lake organization. What's next for the Lakers Agent Orange now on sportscenter who could they target in free agency. They'll get out into free agency this later this month, June, thirtieth and see if they can get involved with one of the big players on the market. Go Kemba Walker from Charlotte. They could certainly plug him in point guard if he doesn't resign with the Hornets he's a player that will be available teams like Dallas, New York have had interest in him. And you know there's a lot of teams in the marketplace looking for point guards this summer. You know, Jimmy Butler is another player if they are unable to come to terms on a new deal in Philadelphia. I think there would be some mutual interest soon as, as rewards announcing on sportscenter the Lakers. They get Anthony Davis a couple of weeks ago. It looked like they were in complete disarray with magic. Johnson. Rob Pelinka and everything going on there. Everything has now corrected itself with one major trade. The Lakers always find a way and tweeting just now for now expectation is Anthony Davis. Trade will be completed on July sixth league. Sources tell Bobby marks me assuming Davis. Declines to void four million dollar trade bonus this leaves the Lakers with twenty three point seven million in space. There is a chance that could be amended to July thirtieth, but it's still the sixth for now. Okay. So if it's six then the Lakers won't have the money to go out and get a MAC, Scott. They only have twenty three point seven. Look, if I'm over the key, here is that if they were able to wait for this deal to the thirtieth, July, thirtieth, then the Lakers would have that cap space. Go out and get Kemba Walker. Jimmy Butler someone else who wants max money. Yeah. Now, the question to me, and I love conspiracy theories, and I believe in them, and I think that you could get LeBron like what's stopping LeBron from going to the guys and? Saying, hey, Jimmy Butler signed a two year. I know you love Hollywood, your friends with the wall, burger guy with Donnie will Mark Mark, Mark Wahlberg, right? Yeah. What's stopping me from Saint sign a two year deal take twenty million a year or twenty million twenty million, whatever it is? And here's a part in Space Jam to for a couple of million dollars as well to, you know, just help to make it up somewhere else. Give some points on the movie too. You know, like let's get him some return on the DVD sales. Maybe to my point is what's stopping LeBron from doing this. There's nothing stopping LeBron from doing this behind the scenes. Okay. So why are you? You're acting like LeBron's our doing this. We know Brian Windhorst told the world on PTI back in mid-may that LeBron was having conversations with Kalat quite learn. Jimmy Butler even though quieter Jimmy Butler. We're still in the playoffs playing Jimmy Butler is still playing the first rider with Chris Paul. And Russell Westbrook yesterday. Yeah. I mean, and that's what he does LeBron does, and here's the key here, blocking dollar here on ESPN one thousand and ESPN app. This is why people love the NBA you have a chance every off season to remake your team. And to go for industrial bulls and the key here is this, you have right now, if you count the Lakers, what could possibly happen, this summer with the clippers the nets the Knicks the heat, the rockets, the seventy Sixers the Mavericks, they have cap space. And an owner who who wants to win and the Celtics that right there. That's nine teams in seven cities, all that will have interests this summer all with interest as what they can do to reshape their organization going forward trying to win a championship nine teams seven cities. That's what makes the NBA great is that movement is not solidified in the fact that you're in one spot, and you have to be there for your career, the NFL is built on the fact that you get a star quarterback and that quarterback will be your franchise until you don't want that star quarterback there. Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers will be together until Aaron Rodgers or the Green Bay Packers. Mostly the Packers don't want him to be there. Why? Because they can afford to pay him and quarterbacks. Don't move about in the NFL like star players in the NBA Ken, they can dictate policy. They can force it away somewhere. I get it some people erupts them the wrong way. But to others. It means your organs. Station each and every off season has an opportunity to take

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