Microsoft Warns of a Monster Computer Bug


No lack of computer bugs this week. And apparently Microsoft is next in line with a new warning. The Wall Street Journal's Charlie Turner has more. A warning for Microsoft. If your computer has an older version of the windows operating system, you should know that your machine could be affected by a monster. Computer bug. Microsoft says the bug has been patched, but it could wind up being exploited by militias software or malware. The bug is one of several high profile computer security issues to emerge this week. Let's get more from Bob mcmillen of the Wall Street Journal. Who's in San Francisco, Bob, you write that this is similar to the wannacry worm, which spread globally two years ago. Well, okay. So the bug behind it is similar to the bug behind the wannacry, worm. So there's a problem within Microsoft's operating system that if you're on a like a local network, you know, network in your office, or something like that. You the there's a service that connects computer. On that network. And that has a bug in it now that, that would allow somebody who wrote some software that was militias like say, the wannacry warm to write software that would explode this new bug and go from computer to computer within your local area network within your within your office, and what we found out with one cry is that even though in theory, these kinds of worms should be stopped at the firewall, you know, and not leave office. They did that during the wannacry outbreak. And so people are concerned that, if this bug were exploited by somebody who wrote say, ransomware that travelled around, it could it could affect a lot of computers. Wannacry affected at least two hundred thousand computers and then it was stopped the creators of it put like a kill switch in it. Basically a way of stopping the worm from spreading, and somebody activated that which stopped it, it could have been much worse. What versions of windows does this? Effect. You know as I was talking just now I realize, it's the version that my parents have windows, seven, and I need to give them a call right after this interview, so windows, seven is getting long in the tooth. That's probably the main the main supported version of windows, that people are going to have an need to worry about windows, the newer versions windows, eight and windows ten or not affected by this. But if you have windows seven or older, so even if you're for some reason, still running windows, X P, then you're at risk now. This is interesting because windows, XP is what they call it unsupported operating system. They don't Microsoft doesn't release bugs fixes for windows, XP anymore. But in this case, they're doing it just because they think the bug that is that is that serious shouldn't people upgrade to the new versions, or the newest version of windows as soon as possible. Hey, come on, if you're running x p really hang your head down, and go over to best fi-, it's time time to upgrade

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