Issaquah High School closed Thursday after possible measles exposure


Center, five confirmed cases of measles in just the last five days. That's what local health officials are dealing with komo's Corwin Hake reports. The growing threat forced the closure of king county's largest high school. Most of is high schools twenty three hundred students are getting a day off today. The school is closed after learning a teacher, there is the latest of king county's three confirmed cases of measles. Since the weekend to other recent confirmed cases are in Pierce and Snohomish counties, state, health officer, Dr Kathy lo fi says all of those infected spent time at sea-tac airport. To be a commonality among the cases. One day closure of his equality allows health officials to verify staff, immunization records some students are on campus to take advantage. Placement tests conducted by staff whose immunization is already verified, if you're not made it against measles, or if you're not sure, health officials say you should go ahead and get the shot. They say the vaccine is affected and

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