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Yeah. Face. Rush off his second finals MVP performance for why Leonard will turn twenty eight at the end of the month three days later, he can go play. Wherever he wants his career. Trajectory has been fascinated at twenty one in his second season league. He had an excellent performance in the NBA finals. But he missed it three. Throw it helped Miami completed miraculous comeback and win the thousand thirteen times, Leonard the Spurs rebounded immediately. He was the finals MVP the following year which point it was crystal clear. This was an exceptional player, who is the steel of his draft size, if he doesn't land on, Zion game, one of the two thousand seventeen Western Conference finals who knows what happens next twenty six in that game, I had a massive lead, then he got injured for all intents and purposes, he never really played for the Spurs again the last loss season with the Spurs allow them to drift off the radar though. He really only exists on it on the floor we elect to fill in the blanks. For most everything else, keeps to himself doesn't broadcast is every thought to the masses. Via social media. What thinks about most things only. He knows what we think about him after this has to have changed pass to have reached a shelf reserve for the very finest players those capable of impacting every aspect of the game on both ends because that's what he does. There is rootlessness in his officiency and in the absence of a motion, he displays in the process if he was a yearlong rental for Toronto. Who cares like mellow accuse? He was there for eight months. One year, only titled goes down as an all time maybe the all time for Jerry who pushes all his chips into the middle. He won the pot the prize the parade. And if they bust next year again, who can't, you know, hard it is to win. They just did. Now Pua has twice for two different teams. MVP of both fun, only Kareem. Lebron have done that with two different teams. Both were number one overall picks. They were always thought to be to be in possession of that type of potential, why would fifteen overall now? He has very very. Few peers could be considering his level. Who knows what happens where only I'm sure let us know. It'll be basic nothing over the top, the only thing about the guy that isn't extraordinary to behold..

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