New 'Men in Black: International' trailer is out


Men in black trailer is out men in black international Wilson's going to the song for this one. No, he's not even in it, though. It it does Tessa Thompson has two vendors Tessa Thompson, and Chris Hemsworth. Leeson is also in it as well as Emma Thompson and Rebecca Ferguson plays the villain. So this is second trailer. It's the it really shows off their chemistry, which we saw in Iraq. So I'm really looking forward to it very elegant or somebody else. It is not it is f f Gary gray who to wreck did the fast fear fest fears eight Phil bay the furious. Yeah, that's fine. I'm into that was that was opportunity for a segue that I did not make us a little dog going to be in it a little pug. They're not gonna have Will Smith you might as well have the little Dino. And sure worms was the little dog is the Wurmser in the trailer was was was the dog voiced by Joe Pesci or something. Or is that another dog by any of us at this table? Could could probably do the it was it was not. It was not a it was a character actor Tim Tim Blaney

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