China's Xi touts more than $64 billion in Belt and Road deals


A summit this week on a signature Chinese foreign project was a big success. According to China's president Xi Jinping the multibillion dollar belt and road initiative. A two day forum some more than sixty four billion dollars worth of deals signed in China's global infrastructure program, the US is not pleased. Well, the BBC's Michael Bristow reports G is urging more countries to join in nearly forty leaders in Beijing. Summit to discuss the scheme to build ports roads and railways that will connect China to the rest of the world, many of the richest nations of being reluctant to endorse it speak in. Beijing. Britain's Chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond said the Belton road program showed truly epi Cam Bishen, but Britain is just one country expressed concern of issues such as debt transparency and the effects on the environment. United States goes further it thinks Belton roadies mainly about spreading Chinese power and

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