Persona 5 S Revealed


Five the Royal will hit PS four this year with new content and he new phantom. Thief comes to us from poly gone. Atlas will release a new and expanded version of the role playing game persona five titled persona five colon the Royal places in four in Japan on October thirty first the game will come to North America and other regions sometime in twenty twenty according to his US arm. That's a leading edge. List this house like an arm. That's just like making announcements. Yes, I would have said branch personally, but you know, arm works so persona five the hill at a number of features to the game, including new phantom thief, named Kasumi Yoshi doa, I believe that a new confidante names Toco motive who works as a counselor at the academy and a new location to explore kitschy Joji. Nailing it nailing it left. And right. The game. We'll touch on the students third semester at school. So then that's that's a new semester, right? Theoretically, adding adding more time, it's not let me let me keep reading Sorry. this. Excited. Teaser trailer posted to atlas Japanese-language YouTube channel, we get a look at these new game elements as well as others a new dating location, which isn't a new bar players can enjoy games like pool and darts. There's also new animation and a peak at new characters in action.

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