U.S. lawmakers criticize potential Facebook settlement with FTC

Pro Rata


Reportedly is nearing a landmark settlement with US Federal Trade Commission over its many privacy failures expect the headlines to be all about the dollar amount which is expected to be between three and five billion dollars easily dwarfing the current FTC fine record of just twenty two million dollars. But as access Dave McCabe rights today. There are several. Other things to watch for I will Facebook be forced to fundamentally change its business model, which is basically to collect user data, and then let advertisers target those users second how will the FTC track and analyze Facebook going forward, and as part of that who make sure the company remains in compliance and three and finally will the settlement include a personal penalty for Mark Zuckerberg, which arguably could have as much impact on Facebook's future direction as the larger company level fine. Because as we all know Zach isn't giving up that CEO spot anytime soon,

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