NBA playoffs roundup


On the hardwood guys the raptors the nuggets they've regained home-court advantage in their conference semifinals that even their respective series at two games. A piece of good basketball action this weekend Gaylon? Start with the Sixers game yesterday. I thought they had the game in hand about two three one in that series headed terrible fourth quarter stressing poorly the Sixers played, but you know, everyone about Kevin Durant stellar performance in the playoffs for the goals. They warriors who's talking about collide Leonard, I think he might even be playing better than K D thirty nine points, fourteen rebounds yesterday thirteen to twenty from the field in Sixers second year guard Ben Simmons tried to guard Kawhi Leonard, and he got absolutely destroyed. Simmons had one of his worst game. As a pro. Yes today. And then Joel Embiid only had eleven points, blaming an illness. And no sleep Sali's been strange either been great or a no show of this series. But again in that fourth quarter Sixers seven minutes without a field goal. And now they go back to Toronto for game. Five in Toronto lake. You said has homecourt advantage again. And then last night that nuggets blazer series. That's clearly been the most fun series the watch so far. I mean, let's not forget about. On Friday nights. Epic four overtime win for the blazers. But yesterday Denver prevailed on the road one sixteen one twelve they tied to series of two apiece. Nugget center Nikola Jokic Matt posted another triple double. I can't stress enough. How valuable job for these Doug? We all know we can score pass and rebound. But his ability to set screens met freeze of other nuggets players for wide open looks on just about every possession. You take Yokich off his team. They don't even make the playoffs. That's valuable. He is. Yeah. Absolutely. Right. On those screens to getting back the Colli Mike Adams with NBA dot com averaging thirty eight points per game on sixty two percent shooting. Jordan averaged over thirty five on sixty percent of shooting in one playoff series other than that. Nobody LeBron Katie Koby never did it. So we are watching greatness right now in the NBA and in the NBA playoffs, watch TV watching quite lettered in you know, he does everything. So well, but you know, they didn't think he was a good shooter early in his career in Popovich would say that with the Spurs. Now the league three. Point shooter. I mean, he doesn't miss shots as Baker and one other thing I wanted to mention Steph curry struggled where where was he where was he in the fourth quarter? I know everyone is talking about it have you seven at twenty three from the field. But the biggest problem for stent has been his defense. I mean, if you watch the rockets every possession, they attack Steph curry Weber Steph guarding that guy is getting the ball, and they're attacking Steph, and it's getting his head, and it's hurting offense and one other thing you'll Katy at forty six in the warriors loss on Saturday night. But it was a bad forty six matters nothing against K D. But the warriors lose their dynamic of all that ball movement and cutting away from the ball back door cuts. They all just stood around and watched Katie and that fourth quarter. And that's that makes the rocket excuse me, the warriors beatable and predictable negotiating next year's contract. I mean, I I don't I've never seen Katie play. Like this in the playoffs. You're talking about the last three to four games. I I would think I have to go back and look at the numbers, but he's averaging at least more than thirty a game in the last three to four games. I wanna say thirty eight a game and those four last four games. It's been unbelievable. You just make an shots like ripping on caney for scorn too much. What do you? If you want percents from the field. He's doing nothing wrong. He's played as well. As anyone's ever played on the offensive enemy NBA. No doubt about it. Yeah. Well, it does. But it does get stale. It does you know, it does get slow. And when one guy is doing all the work, and nobody else is

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