'Stunned' owner of Maximum Security files appeal, says horse won't race in Preakness


All right. Saturday's Kentucky Derby was an exciting race. But the drama really took place when the race ended for the twenty five to thirty minutes where they determined whether or not the winner of the race maximum security had won it fairly or not notably. The decision was to disqualify maximum security in that meant the runner up country houses, sixty five to one longshot was was the Kentucky Derby winner. I I I used to love horse racing. I'll be candid with you. For almost forgot that it was on. But I know one. Person in my life. That didn't forget that. It was on because he's the one friend of mine that knows more about this and really enjoys it than anybody else in that's brand Weinstein and he joins us right now. And before we get to what happened just out of curiosity who who did you play. Did you have in the race? I like I like Cassius and I like game winner. And you know, it's funny. What all this stuff that happened there on the final turn? I like the crazy part about a knowing country houses, the winner is that you really could have made an argument that a number of these courses were impeded to appoint the any one of them could have one and one of them was mine. So I will sit here say tilt until I would've been right in the end is fish, not apposite. But turn let's let's talk about it. 'cause you're you're watching the race in. And I am as well. And I I'm not a horse racing guy. So I did not pick up on what happened as the race was being run. Did you did you notice it when it happened? Well, I was there, and I was in the grandstanded this area called the media viewing area, which is off, you know, under the twin spires, and you know in real time. No. And I heard the owner say this on the today show of maximum security. Gary west you read on it. He basically lamented. This is what happens when it sour grapes lamented the size of the field, which is unusual. Right. And that's why I think no one really noticed it real times. The size of the field is so unwieldy and unusual. Most other races are half that size. There might be fourteen in the Preakness only because of the circumstances typically it's less than that. So it isn't unwieldy size. And so there's an expectation that there are things that are going to happen that are a little unusual but not necessarily illegal, right? And so that's why I think real time. I didn't notice it though, when they showed the replays of it was clear that that a violation occurred. The larger question was what were they going to do about it? Because of what was it stake? I've liken this to the NFC. Championship game that cornerback barreled into that receiver that should have been a flag. But what was it stake at that moment that referee to think about what am I gonna do about it? And I think the Stewart here at the same problem. Like, what are we going to do? Nobody went down. There was no catastrophe. So what are we gonna do about it? Or we gonna go letter of the law. We're gonna let this go. Well, let me ask you about that. If this is, you know, the fifth at laurel on a Thursday. Is it obvious that this is a foul and that horse gets while the fide? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. A million times like that horse veered five lanes away from where it was of course, they would disqualify. Nobody would question it, and it would never come up. It's only because of the stakes here. And in the end the hard part about it is. And this is the part that people don't seem to wanna really grass is. I'm not so sure that country house should be named the winner. He's only named the winner. Because he crossed the line second. You don't really know. What happened with war will which is the one? That was really agreed the one that was bumped or long rates Taty was making a move at the hit the brakes because other that it was going to be a massive crash between the horses. So there are a number of horses that had no chance of winning country house actually really interesting about it is he's the one that put the objection up because he felt that he was impeded.

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