News in Brief 21 June 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations, there will program or WFP confirmed on Friday that it has started a partial suspension of aid to areas of Yemen, controlled by Hootie opposition. Forces spokesperson Irv Eva, who SEL told journalists in Geneva that the agency took the decision after efforts failed to prevent food aid being diverted from those who need it most, as in many areas, some individual seeks to fit from paying on divinity Habil and diverting food away from where it is most needed debris has been seeking the support of the Sanaa-based authorities to introduce biometric 'cause she's stationed system that will prevent diversion and protect the many families we serve, and storing food, which those who need it most. Unfortunately, we are yet to reach agreement. They development means that aid will be cut to the capital Saana, which is. Told by hoochies affecting eight hundred fifty thousand people although missed of a hustle insisted that the agency will maintain nutrition programs for malnourished children pregnant, and nursing mothers in total WFP estimates that nine out of twelve million food, insecure people in Yemen, are in areas controlled by who tease who have been fighting a coalition of international forces backing the government of president at Brabham Mansour Hady for more than four years. According to latest UN figures nearly ten million people are severely food, insecure and do not know whether next meal will come from to the Central African Republic now where WFP has called for help from the international community to stave off severe and acute food shortages after years of ongoing conflict, and mass displacement nearly half the country's people. More than one point eight million are unsure how they are going to feed themselves of that number more than four hundred sixty thousand are expected to face. Emergency food insecurity during the lean season which lasts from may until August among the areas? Worst affected are those hosting hundreds of thousands of people displaced by violence and insecurity. These include Kaga, Bandra, oboe and Zambia, along with three prefecture's and Bomo haute Kotto and oat Emba MU where security conditions remain volatile despite a peace agreement signed in February amid reports of regular attacks by armed groups who did not sign the deal on major supply routes and around major cities. WFP says it needs more than thirty three million dollars to help eight hundred thousand people every month until the end of the year. And finally to DPRK or North Korea where you n appointed independent rights expert, Thomas, or here container has appealed to the state to ease people suffering, speaking at the end of a five day mission, to Seoul in South Korea mister Kintana expressed regret that he did not see any sign of improvement. In the human rights situation of people in DPRK before urging profound legal and institutional reforms citing various sources in new report, the expert spoke of public executions carried out by gunfire after trials between twenty thirteen and twenty seventeen victims faced charges, including murder, and drug dealing. He said in his report while also noting that people continue to live in fear of being sent to political prison camps for watching South Korean soap operas in a statement to the press, Mr Clinton, urged the government of the DPRK to be open about the political camps, which called Quanli. So at the same time, he called on the government of China not to repatriate North Korean escapees asking them to give the primary consideration to what will happen to the escapees if repatriated to North Korea. Daniel Johnson, UN news.

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