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In which he spoke to the consumer electronics chief of while way, who's straight up says this is going to be a tough time for the company. I mean from the wall way perspective. How would you sort of describe their situation? Like, what, what is basically happen to the company over the last couple of days when it comes to their access to US technology, also, it started with the US government's decision to essentially block while away from Lockwood access to, to use technology. And so that means qualify actually works with a lot of US suppliers. Right. Wally buys chips, from Intel in many other components from US companies. And so this, I I this means that the while those US companies cannot cannot sell their components to Walli, but US technology also applies to acknowledge us technology from US companies but other suppliers in other countries as long. As they using in what they call US orgin technology, then they may also have to stop doing business with, wow way. So this has basically very very wide reaching in impacts to end. So you've seen over the past several days, you've seen a Google's decision to basically limit twelve as access to Android. Right. And which will have a huge impact on his smartphone business. And then the UK chipmaker arm also suspended its business with power and arms chip design is used as a basis for pretty much all mobile processors around the world. So this also affects way and just just said, this never seems to stop. So let's talk about the operating system thing because that came up specific. In your conversation with the wowie executive what does it mean for the company to not really have access to Android? So in this case. You know, the some of the details that, that came out is that existing phones will continue to have access Android, one, step in people already using and the those will still get a phone now you know, Android updated, but future, hallway phones, the ones that will be released in the future, basically, we'll come with Android. But it will be very basically strip off of Google services. So in all want likely have a Google play up store, g mail YouTube. So what this means is that, while we sell this half of the phones that father sales is outside of China and in those markets, everyone's everyone's using Google play. Everyone's using Google apps. So imagine. An Android phone without those services. It's it will be basically useless, right? And so the, the what people expect now is that this will completely destroy Huawei's overseas small business, any, China, China, where Google services, L, ready mostly blocked of this may not have a huge impact, but essentially, you know, Walli is right now facing the risk of losing half of its math on sales, and, you know, which is huge for basically hallways. Kind of. Battling for the, the second place in the world's small market, share with apple and Samsung into biggest that a lot of people expected, while would eventually even overtake Samson in terms of

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