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Trump confirms he called off a military strike on Iran


On Thursday night. President Trump made a last minute decision to call off retaliatory strikes against Iran, which were in response to the downing of navy drone that Washington said was over international airspace. All this follows recent attacks on oil tankers in the strait of Hormuz. The Iranians have denied responsibility for those is America going to war with Iran here to tell us more as Toby Harsha, a national security writer for Bloomberg opinion. So Toby does President Trump's decision to abort the? Mission and tell the world about it cause any problems, it causes problems that could also bring advantages, I think the biggest problem is that it shows potentially huge division within the White House, and that is not something, you want to have happen. And not something you want to project to the world. We know that the president's advisors are split generally in terms of how aggressive an approach we take John Bolton. The national security advisor wants it to be as tough as possible. Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state wants to peddle a little more softly. So the Iranians claim the drone strike was deliberate, but they say the drone was in Iranian airspace. If you know what is their reasoning? Why would they decide to shoot down a drone first of all the airspace thing that would only have been in Iranian airspace, if we had wanted to be there. These are actually. More accurate than manned planes in terms of carrying out missions, their mazing the message that they're sending the same message that they're sending with, you know, attaching these small minds to ships that they've done four times it is to show that they can do it. It's deflects their muscles, and it's to show that they could shut down the street of harm us, if they wanted to it's only twenty one miles across and they with their little speedboats at cetera. Could do it. So it seems clear that President Trump's maximum pressure campaign is not working. What can or should the US do next? It's not working in some senses. It's working very well in others economically, it is absolutely smashing and academy that was already not doing very well. And I think that's one of the reasons we're seeing all of that what we do next is, I would hope move very, very cautiously. We could the US could say. Say that, you know, we had the power to do this. We chose to be merciful. And so we win on both counts, the alternate side, is that we end up that the US ends up looking indecisive and weak. I would hold off on any further attacks. Let this speak for itself, and see how it plays out. I think the Iranians have made a lot of mistakes that could bring the European allies who've been wavering back on the US side. And I think if the whole world is allied against Iran, that's going to create a real problem for them, even if it's just symbolically, but we're gonna have to start escorting ships in and out of the straight in and out of possibly the entire Persian. Gulf, the US did this back during the Iran Iraq war. We could ask some of our allies to assist in that they just really don't have the navy's that we have, I think that France has about twenty ships that would be appropriate for this. None of them in the Gulf, the US coastguard alone has six times that many, so there's really just no other navy that can do this. Maybe they could make a symbolic show the way that the French our by having sent their aircraft carrier down there. But the heavy lifting all gonna go the US, what military options are being. Considered well, actually going ahead with this strike is probably the big one where Suming that the strike was simply going to hit the battery that, that missile was fired from that took down the drowned. They could do that. They could hit a series of batteries. They could go a little bit. They could ramp it up a little bit by striking other barracks. And things like that of the, the revolutionary guard corps, which was responsible for all of this after that. I don't know after that it gets very, very scary. The only upgrade from that is a low

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