New Study Shows Health Benefits of Daily Saunas


There's a new study out that in shows that taking a sauna has comparible health benefits of short moderate workout this study was conducted by researchers at martin luther university holly whittenberg that's m. l. u. it's located in germany doctor rhonda patrick you're about to hear from her in this next audio clip has a p._h._d. in biomedical sciences from the university of tennessee she also has a website is devoted to wellness issue she talks a lot about taking a sauna and the benefits of taking a sauna she recently appeared on the joe rogan show to discuss the overall benefits of taking asana including this study see this new study and an older study as well this older study is from about one year ago when those who regularly took us on experienced a forty percent decrease in mortality according to that study they following these men for twenty years they were in there between fifty to sixty five when the study started and those men that had been using this on a more frequently had a forty percent reduction in dying from many causes that aren't accidental okay i want to talk about the new study in just a second but this study that's a year old says that the decrease in mortality was dramatic in these people who took took him release four to five times a day they took a

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