MLB Teams Announce Netting Extension in Wake of Fan Hit by Baseball


Major league baseball it were into these summer months the dog days of summer upon us but the focus continues to be on the fans elnora hammers one foul to the stands left side look out fan that nail is a very scary thing man oh a young a young fan and it looked like the mother or the father running running that child up to the emergency area here in houston and i'm sick to my stomach right now now album more junior is down on one knee and sobbing i'm sick to my stomach after watching the cubs radio network with that play which happened a month ago on may twenty ninth the family on wednesday releasing a statement detailing the injuries the two year old they're suffering among other things skull fracture had a seizure also had sub bleeding and brain contusions she's on medication to prevent further seizures in the past week the white sox nationals dodgers have announced plans to extend the safety netting from foul pole to foul pole the nationals say the work will be done their ballpark over the all star break according to a survey major league baseball fans supported installing more safety netting at ballpark by an overwhelming majority seventy eight percent yes twenty two percent no earlier on e._s._p._n. radio on freddie and fitz Simmons. They're feeling is a bit more skeptical. baseball do the right thing mandate it the next time a squad goes on the road for more than a four five day stretch which is beyond common especially in the dog days of summer put that damn netting up automobiles are made in less time than some of these teams go on road trips then it would take for you in a few engineers to put the nets up it's not that difficult infancy old school guys hell with you if you think it's gonna deal in inflict on the tradition of baseball would if that's your granddaughter or your gods grandson how would you feel then so all you old school baseball folks shut day hell up and deal with the nets because guess what the old school hockey guys they don't even see the netting anymore why because you got used to it in too because you kids are safe here's my answer to why it's taken this long when it comes to major league baseball major league baseball is hoping this goes away they're hoping that no more incidents are going to happen and that the outcry people beating the drum for this wanting netting and major league baseball that won't be as loud and ethel sippers as we've heard especially ever since may twenty ninth when that happened in that game between the cubs and the houston astros major league baseball is hoping okay man this was terrible this was awful but we don't want to ellie nate bills that don't want the nets up we don't wanna alienate the old heads that don't want the nets out there that it's going to get in the way of the entertainment and also the baseball experience they're hoping that nothing else happens they are wishing in my opinion that nothing else happens so they can let it die down but enough time passed between anything else and then this will no longer be something that'll be against major league baseball to your point what is it going to take before they finally come to their senses is going to take an even bigger tragedy what happened to you all and we're all grown folks here you know exactly what i'm talking about it shouldn't have to get to that point when it comes to major league baseball but when you bid corporation they are and you make billions and billions of dollars if you're worried that this will take away from that potential money line and fan experience you're hoping that enough time is going the path that this will slowly but surely go away Major league baseball. following the recommendations from them by the start of the twenty eighteen season all thirty teams that expanded their netting to at least the far ends of the dugout fans have been injured by foul balls in twenty seventeen earlier this month m._l._b. commissioner rob manfred reacting to the incident in houston said he didn't expect teams to make changes to the netting around ballpark during the season some teams are going ahead and doing it on their own

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