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Who is the mega-music manager Scooter Braun?



Ron is maybe a who do you but he's a big he's made them in the music industry he he signed justin bieber 'em he he signed carly rae jepsen are queen he is responsible for a lot of careers but not only did he like signed and discovered these people he's very very good at keeping his clients it's kind of like out of trouble or at least like redeeming them because they ideas for manager he basically he has a manager i mean he has his own company has his own production company and all that stuff but you know he also found side he he gave us gangnam style basically that's not good at time i making a noise and he found he found he found side you find all these people but he also manages their careers and more more recently what what's interesting about scooter braun is that demi levato like out of rehab and immediately signed with him in very like this is the only person who could like handle my bullshit in a way like my situation because he did handle justin bieber slash kind of take care of him through justin bieber's dark period and now we see justin bieber i want you to look like i'm gonna make you a but he also stuck with him in dealt with him through his like bad boy face like and they think justin bieber was like stat that you're not my dad for like years scooter brown and he wherever there is an interesting 'em there's some profiles of him he's very mysterious on purpose so he's married woman named illu has your at ya ale on instagram i refuse to do any more information like any research about her but she's involved in this story because what happened was i'm really gonna try and do long story short watch i'm really gonna good timing when you turn it off a good time atomic archie they only thing you need to know about you i l is that she founded fucked cancer that like awareness organization station fundraising organization oh that's cool that spreads awareness about cancer to millennials millennials don't know about cancer it's one of those efforts that like you can't really been moon but i'm sort of like i don't understand the point you're okay i don't know what it does move on long story short i'm gonna mention taylor swift as little as i can in this explanation taylor swift is with this recor company called big machine they discovered her meaning they gave her they maybe then discover but they gave her her first first recording contract right so killer slips a long time the longtime guy who owns is very company's name scott be there's a sport there's millions of scott's in the story it's so confusing scott be is the guy who runs big machine he's run it for a long time taylor's dad scott smith scott s a scott swift my god scott s is on the board of directors because he's a big investor is he on the border is he in

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