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Better place to start? But in the heart of yours. In Munich, the city that synonymous with the October fest. That exuberant festival beer sausages music, Wilkin conviviality draws people from all around the world to the Bavarian capital. It's one of the images Mudgal mistake. Caricatures everywhere countries, Germany. I'm standing now in an image of a very different kind prints against passer and looming up around me of the numerous pillars that make up the neoclassical colonnade of the house, the house of aunt and here history has me friendly in its grasp because the house there Kunst started life in nineteen thirty seven as the house Deutsche Kunst triumphantly opened by Hitler himself to house works about selected to encourage the people of Germany to see themselves in a very particular way. It was also designed to encourage the rest of the world to see Germany in a very particular way. And I think it's fair to say even long after the end of the war people in Britain, and perhaps elsewhere struggled to see Germany except through that prism of the Nazi years from nine hundred thirty three to nine hundred forty. I five Germany changed radically. Our view of Germany hardly altered. Yet the house the Kunst stands on the edge of a vast expanse of parkland that runs along the side of Munich's is our river. This is the English garden, and it must be one of the most beautiful city parks in the world created in seventeen eighty nine and based on the model of the informally landscaped English country garden it carried with it then and now an ideal that was thought to be particularly English a respect for nature and the freedom from constraint space where people could wonder where they chose the placing in the mid nineteen thirty s of a Nazi monument on the edge of a much older English garden hints at the complexities of Britain's long relationships with Germany and somebody perhaps more unexpected in the two world wars German names everywhere in Britain were changed or abandoned centuries of close association at every level were consigned to oblivion. This throughout the two world wars remained the English garden written may become the enemy, but its traditions of the long historical links between the two countries were not forgotten. I think the October fest or the Nazi house Kunst built beside the English garden point to something else as well. The way that we have as human beings of encapsulating complex relationships histories and demotions in the simple on the concrete buildings and gardens monuments in books. Great individuals festivals. The all have the power to serve symbols representing one country in the popular imagination of another service prisons through which the people of one country see.

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