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Eighty in Fremont. Matt Bigler KCBS sank you man. And do let's do check in with Peter real quickly. Peter Matt is in the backup. What's it? Like when you look at the big picture all around. Well, he'll be in that backup for about thirty minutes, and they have shut down the exit. They were using at Fremont Cushing. So the corner can get in there and finish the job. I would suggest six eighty northbound to get past the whole thing. Okay. Thanks, peter. Back for a full traffic update in three minutes. Still a mess though. Northbound eight eighty in Fremont with all lanes closed following a fatal crash this week. We've been telling you an awful lot about how the partial government shutdown leaving trash bins, overflowing at national parks and recreation areas. Well in San Francisco, we have a developing on that front KCBS reporter, Holly Kwan live at aquatic park in the city with word that city, crews are going to start dealing with this mess. Holly. Standards a big tourist area right next to the wharf endured Ellie square and ever since the shutdown. The trash has been piling up. Now comes word that public works. Crews are going to start taking up the slack collecting out. It lands end and here around the park a big relief to the early rowers and swimmers by Chas differentiate, San Rafael who says the extra trash has been a playground for skunks opossums records city, crews are only servicing areas easily accessible, so if you're going out on the trails, they're still asking you to take your trash back out with you. I would say good for the city. Somebody's gotta do it and it. Yeah. I mean, it has to be done. This is day. Fourteen of the partial government shutdown live at San Francisco's aquatic. Our colleague Juan KCBS KCBS has learned the operators of San Francisco's beleaguered Salesforce transit center are a major step closer to repairing flawed steel beams at the facility, which has been closed to the public down for over three months in our exclusive report KCBS is Jeffrey Schaub says a team of structural engineers. Has signed off on a repair plan. Although no date for the centers. Reopening has been announced Christine fell the with the transbay joint powers thority, which operates the terminal says engineers have signed off on a fix their pair is going to consist of some steel plates and above and below the problem areas, it's gonna be really looked like a splint perhaps some. To put it in layman's terms, but it has been approved by the independent peer review panel for procuring steel. And once that is. Those repairs are complete evil. We'll see I treat and Fremont street. They will they will not see those shoring systems anymore. They will be able to be removed, but fell says there is no set date for repairs to begin. And even when they are completed. I a team of engineers must approve the next step independent reviewers are really gonna tell us where.

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