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Who gives a seems to care You know your your luca fifteen twenty from now you've made you know close to a billion dollars probably at that point. It's like do i really want to chase down the chiefs record. You know and jason chief. I don't know maybe it's like why it's like perish was still for decent. They were making the massive money. That's another part of it too. I guess like huge contracts of course nowadays not as much with the chief is playing with could use. I don't know someone look up with robert parish his life. It'd be fascinating. Great collection of various reference tabs open. Now of course the all times games leader saul look here at what robert parish made during his career. Let's take let's get a little over under here. I wouldn't be surprised that there's not a lot of transaction data at the. Yeah that'd be the one issue see. I'm totally okay. This has his his salaries from eighty four to nineteen ninety eight. Okay a better time. Many probably was on at least two million there for five or six seasons. Yeah yeah so. Let's yeah to twenty twenty to twenty five somewhere in that twenty. Not bad twenty-seven mill robert parish from four to ninety eight. Obviously his career started much earlier than that back in one thousand nine hundred twenty eight fifty years. They don't have the data for another tab that i had open you guys might be interested in ter- all-time games leaders in the nhl. Well we got patrick. We got gordy three four and five. You saw them play notable names yager number four chili's chili's celli out number eight pretty close roberta. No you guys rob blake. Blake was him. I play. I think bruins element chara number. Three is a good one is number thirteen. He's number three on the active list. Right now somebody said jerome mcginlay. Adam boy did in the chat no pun again. La number fifteen. I think number five. I'm not gonna click him run franchise that's right francis marlow how messier yager francis joe thornton barrett number. Six man. imagine how many times you get to seen marlow and thornton take. It's gotta be very many. Keep like belaboring this point but like that's what i mean. I know all those other guys. How did patrick marlowe just slipped by me for twenty years just even knowing who the hell was. I didn't even know his position. As i pointed out there tat i thought he was a defense. Is crazy screen. Team is saying he never wanted contests. Oh is that patrick marleau. That was a derosa jersey on skates and jumped off ramp. Everybody kept tagging us. That was maybe. I didn't know you liked your your your wine there for a while to your patrick marlowe right. That's right This hold this status even crazier in hockey. I came back to wayne gretzky if they ever scored a goal that have the most points. Nhl history. let's go. That's that's amazing. He's got more assist than anyone else has points franken. As many games he played..

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