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10 70 NewsRadio Hurricane Bearing down on Florida that story the top of the hour. It's 8 55 traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. In the five years, Rick With all this crashing Claremont Sig alert now to 10 West past baseline. It's wreck with a car that has a bent axle and they've got the slowly in closed while they try to clear this one up, you're going to be backed up before you get to baseline in Sherman Oaks Van Nuys Boulevard on ramp to the one I want East. Be careful. They're two car wreck is on the right shoulder of that on ramp. If you're headed through Glendale to North connected to North Connector tooth at 1 34 East. It's a conk out car in the right lane of that transition road. If you're getting on Saint Gabriel Boulevard on 10 East and the city of Rosemead to car smash up has the right lane of that on ramp. Shut down. Our other sig alert is in mid city lay the 10 West, the western offramp. Police activity has that offering up shut down until further notice in Anaheim Hills eastbound 91. Before you get too Gypsum Canyon get reports of a brush fire that's burning next to the freeway there. Next reported 905 with more reports more often are Mark Smith and the Toyota of Glendora. 24 hour Traffic center can extend 70 NewsRadio stunning and hot Today, he devised in effect till nine tonight Highs seventies, the beaches. Ninety's inland well into the triple digits in the valleys and desert. It's going to be a little bit cooler. Dwell right now 75 in downtown L. A 88 degrees in San Fernando, 70 in Huntington Beach. Our top story a home has been destroyed by fires burning in Riverside County at UPDATE coming up. More news in three minutes. It's 8 57 Think you know the Home Depot? It's not just for flooring and lights for your bedroom. It's everything else for your bedroom mattresses. You can't wait to sleep on nightstands. You can't stand to be without.

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