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In <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> america <Speech_Female> up six million <Speech_Female> people since the <Speech_Female> pandemic <Speech_Female> for family of seven <Speech_Female> to qualify <Speech_Female> their income needs <Speech_Female> to be under fifty <Speech_Female> two <SpeakerChange> thousand <Speech_Music_Female> dollars. What's <Speech_Music_Female> your best <Speech_Music_Female> estimate of <Speech_Female> your yearly <Speech_Female> income. <Speech_Male> Now <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> twenty thousand or under <Speech_Male> for the two <Speech_Male> of you that's <SpeakerChange> commodity <Speech_Female> just combined <Speech_Female> combined you've <Speech_Female> applied for the snap <Speech_Female> program. <Speech_Female> We've been denied <Speech_Female> several times. <Speech_Female> It said that <Speech_Female> and he determined <Speech_Female> verifications <Speech_Female> of <Speech_Female> end <Speech_Female> of employment <Speech_Female> for jobs. That buried <Speech_Music_Male> hasn't <Speech_Male> had having years <Speech_Male> company doesn't <Speech_Male> even exist <SpeakerChange> anymore. <Speech_Female> Hasn't been hard to get <Speech_Female> people on the phone. <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> Yes <Speech_Female> yes <Speech_Female> this is what <Speech_Male> at my new job <Speech_Male> is keeping me up <Speech_Female> at night <SpeakerChange> is who are <Speech_Female> we missing <Speech_Female> stacy. Dean was appointed <Speech_Female> by president <Speech_Female> biden to head up <Speech_Female> the food and nutrition <Speech_Female> service at the department <Speech_Female> of agriculture. <Speech_Female> She says <Speech_Female> their goal is to <Speech_Female> help. People like <Speech_Female> melissa <SpeakerChange> and <Speech_Female> bury a process <Speech_Female> of applying <Speech_Female> for snap. Benefits <Speech_Music_Female> is tough. It's incredibly <Speech_Female> rigorous <Speech_Male> and trying to <Speech_Male> carry that out <Speech_Male> in a remote <Speech_Female> environment has <Speech_Music_Female> made it. I <Speech_Female> think a little <SpeakerChange> bit more <Speech_Male> difficult. <Speech_Female> She says the administration <Speech_Female> hopes <Speech_Female> to improve that <Speech_Male> and also wants <Speech_Female> a review of the <Speech_Female> benefits themselves <Speech_Female> right now. <Speech_Female> The average meal <Speech_Female> benefit is a dollar forty <Speech_Female> bumped to <Speech_Female> two dollars because <Speech_Female> of the pandemic <Speech_Female> pretty hard to <Speech_Female> the self <Speech_Female> on two dollars a meal. <Speech_Female> I <SpeakerChange> mean six <Speech_Female> dollars a day. <Speech_Female> Yes we understand <Speech_Female> that. That's a struggle <Speech_Female> and that's why <Speech_Male> we really wanna take <Speech_Male> a look at whether <Speech_Music_Male> those benefits are <Speech_Music_Female> adequate <Speech_Female> for <SpeakerChange> a <Speech_Female> basic healthy diet. <Speech_Female> In december <Speech_Female> congress <Speech_Female> passed <Speech_Female> thirteen billion <Speech_Female> dollar <Speech_Female> aid package <Speech_Female> targeted at <Speech_Female> food. I mean <SpeakerChange> how much <Speech_Female> more do you need. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> We need as much <Speech_Female> as we need. I don't think <Speech_Male> we can put a number on <Speech_Female> that right now. <SpeakerChange> It is a <Speech_Music_Female> crisis. <Speech_Female> No to <Speech_Female> explain that <Speech_Female> detroit. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> Cynthia <SpeakerChange> mcfadden <Speech_Male> nbc news. <Speech_Male> That's nightly <Speech_Male> news for this tuesday. <Speech_Male> Thank you <Speech_Male> for watching everyone. I'm <Speech_Male> lester holt. Please <Speech_Male> take care of yourself <Speech_Music_Male> and <SpeakerChange> each other <Music> tonight.

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