A new story from The Jump with Shirley Manson


Could imagine in surf. Less skillful tasteful hands. It could've turned into a real banner. I mean but instead it starts remains of mournful and tense. And you're sort of on the edge of your seat listening to it you know. It's not sort of just generic. I feel like in dance music. Things are definitely endanger much. Like in rock music of getting really generic and homogenize. Yes and this track is so different within its own genre but this track released struck me as being really like you're holding onto like running beasts know like holding them back those wonderful i think repetition is such an amazing thing to work with and i think the best club music drag was inspired by his kid. Was these songs where there are like court that can transit. they keep going you know they. They repeat themselves but they the more it's repeated the more it starts to vibrate and you know i think i think that's what great music does i think that's also why i ended the song in this repetition of this line these words because every time i repeated them i felt like they took on a new a new meaning like it left more space for me but also the listened to to have a connection with the song. Yeah tell me more about your relationship with production. Because i know that you have become more and more engaged in it. I've just started to come out as a producer but it took me a really long time and it. It does make a difference when i sat down with my own computer music program and started to like make sounds because then i had to be really specific about what it is that i was looking for and it also was really a crazy because things that i didn't think would come out came out. Gave me a more like realistic sense of who. I really am as a musician. And it's been a very interesting exploration for the last four years. You try things you try things forever and ever until something feels better than the other thing and that you might make a mistake and you hear something new the here before but then there are certain songs that just come out really quickly and with every heartbeat. What was actually one of those. It came like almost in one go but that isn't necessarily always a great thing like when people tell me. Oh i wrote this song and fifty minutes. I'm.

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