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Once from each direction. This year. They've added the Pook streaks. And there are some that say is gimmick too far off as listen to the race other than the prospect to punctures going to be interesting to see how it plays out. There have been several three-time winners in the racist history, including Rickman Louis Eddy, Merckx, Mario Cipollini and Tom bone in the seventy eight additions that have been forty Belgian winners giving a home success rate of sixty one point five percent a women's race without eating twenty twelve. But the women were not get the challenge to tackle the plug streets today, which I think is a real shame. A little bit earlier today we stopped in the village of Luke's, which is just down the road and went into a cafe the cafe grown plas on the war was red black and yellow jersey. And it turned out to be the national junior road race champion jersey. One by Frank Vandenbroucke in nineteen ninety two. There was also bronze-medal that he won in the world junior road race championships that year Vandenbroucke hometown. And he was buried in the family plot at a nearby cemetery. When he died in two thousand nine eight thirty four just a decade earlier he'd been at the peak of his powers, although his relationship with not only performance in haunting drugs, but also recreational ones means he's another champion with troubled legacy in nineteen ninety eight he won we're going on the following spring. He dragged Wilfred pitas. Who's now? One of quickstep sports directors all the way to the line Volk and beat him in the sprint a few weeks later, he claimed the steep hills of the Dan with his big chaining liaise based on the age. Interestingly his daughter Cameron born a couple of weeks before that vote win in one thousand nine hundred nine is a promising athlete specializing in the eight hundred meters arriving employees St. it, and realizing that was funding Brooks hometown just just reemphasize to me, the.

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