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Cbs president trump of greece to a historic meeting with north korea's leader kim jong un derogatory made the reservations on reserve our life unmik goals be in daly city gathering reaction from the koreanamerican community on the president's plans to meet with kim jong whom i'm hollick wanted oakland's through bill district where a neighborhood coffee bar refuses to serve cop saying was creating a safe place for people of color good morning on stand bones unseasonally taylor cbs news covers the world next what's happening at y kcbs a yet gay of arson fm and hd 1 champ francisco oakland san jose it's seven o'clock president trump to me north korea's leader this will be a really really big deal that comes through nine one one calls from students under fire from out of here day gone dot retired or warnings about a mexican resort town i think people should take that seriously this is the cbs world news roundup free sadded by ziprecruiter good morning i'm steve keif and president trump a north korea's dictator have traded insults up to now get man is on a suicide mission for himself off the two men are poised for what would be the first direct meeting of an american president and a north korean leader one that might toneddown red hot nuclear tension swede begin with white house correspondent stephen portnoy it was a stunning announcement setting up the summit of the century south korea's national security adviser told the president that kim jong once to meet with him as soon as possible president thought appreciated briefing and said he would meet kim jongun ambassador chung we young says that meeting would take place by may press secretary sarah sanders says mr trump will accept the invitation at a time and place to be determined in the meantime she says all sanctions and maximum pressure must remain i'd cami mccormick in washington secretary of state rex tillerson says kim giang owns approach to talks with south korea led to this decision what change was his posture in a fairly dramatic way in all honesty was cancel a little surprise to us tell her sin traveling in djibouti said the us has been open to talks for some time but he stressed these are not negotiations conditions tomorrow i for negotiations with reaction from south korea here cbs's holly williams soul the current administration here in south korea wants to engage with north korea but many other people here say that.

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